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Inspiration: Wonder Woman!

You guys!  I watched Wonder Woman this weekend, and holy cow!  It’s so good!  Back in high school, I used to be 100% in any time they made a movie about someone with superpowers (superhero movies were new and exciting then).  But the last decade or so has so over-saturated the market with too many crappy superhero movies where overly-muscled dudes in spandex level cities in an attempt to show how they’re stronger/better/right-er than their arch nemesis.

Enter Wonder Woman!

I mean, look at her!  She’s amazing!  She fights her way across no man’s land between WWI trenches with a freaking sword! She speaks hundreds of languages!  She fights to end war!  Her whole thing is saving people!  I’m pretty stoked about her.

And, there’s her aunt, Antiope, played by Robin Wright (Princess Buttercup!  The Princess Bride was one of my favorite movies as a kid, and it’s awesome to see Princess Buttercup do some fighting).  She’s a totally bad-ass general.  At one point she flips off the back of a horse while shooting three Nazis simultaneously with the three arrows she had nocked in her bow.  So good!

But it’s not just the good guys that are kick-butt women.  The bad guy, Dr. Poison is a totally creepy mad scientist lady!  She’s got a super icky mask (because she melted the bottom half of her face in a lab accident), and a penchant for inventing chemical weapons.

Of course, there are men in the movie, too, but it’s just amazing to see women headlining a superhero movie- and totally kicking butt!

So, let’s tie this to something knitting-related (this is a knitting blog after all).

This tiny Wonder Woman will save the day using her cuteness!

Wonder Woman Amigurumi by Clare Heesh

I love this classic Wonder Woman-style hat!

Great Hera! by Jensen Reyes

And this sweater would be perfect for days when you need to feel your most Wonder-full!

Wonder Woman Jumper by Kirsty Lothian

Have you seen Wonder Woman yet? If not, what are you waiting for!  (Just be aware, you’re going to go around kicking things and sword fighting after you see it.)

Inspiration: X-Men First Class

I was flipping channels last night, looking for something to watch, and I came upon X-Men, First Class.  It happened to be starting, and I happened to be in the mood for some good old-fashioned superhero action.

Actually, I was really into the X-men when I was a kid.  I watched the cartoon every day after school for years.  I have nothing against other superheroes, but I always preferred the X-Men.  Maybe it was because they acted as a team, maybe because they included some lady superheroes (which, except Wonder Woman, don’t really exist), or maybe because they did the whole “We fight for justice, even though the whole world hates us” thing, which is pretty much calculated to tug at a pre-teen’s “I feel like a weirdo” heartstrings.

Anyway, the recent X-men movies have been pretty terrible, so I kind of gave up on them for the last few years.  But this was on TV (and therefore free).  So, why not?

Result?  Awesome.  Super good, and it has the feel of the cartoon (not like these new really dark and twisted superhero movies.  Batman, I’m looking at you.).  And, most importantly, it included this hat:


It was worn by the character Moira MacTaggart, who I had never heard of before, and frankly was neither a super compelling nor necessary character.  But she wore a cute hat.  So she’s got that going for her.  It’s a basic (ish) seed stitch beanie knit up with a k1p1 brim in bulky yarn.

Want to release your inner super powers?  Try one of these patterns:

pompon and seeds hat by Carolin Gall


Autumn by Jane Richmond


And, for the little mutants in your life:

Autumn Leftovers by Jane Richmond


I’m turning 50!

Actually, I’m not turning 50… not even close.  But this is my 50th post!  How exciting!

It seems like I just started this blog yesterday.  Is it too early for me to repost some of my earlier posts?  Probably, but I’ll do it anyway.

My first pattern, the Lace-Edged Shawl, is still by far my most favorited/knit pattern.  Here’s the link to Ravelry.


People also seem to like my Call the Midwife posts (but that’s probably due more to the show being awesome, than me writing anything particularly genius).

blanket 2


People also seem to like my Call the Midwife posts (but that’s probably due more to the show being awesome, than me writing anything particularly genius).



Although, my most liked post so far was my critique of Clueless:


But despite all those, I think the series of posts I’m most proud of (wether or not you guys are into them, I’m not so sure), is my Sock Week posts.


So, thanks for reading!  And here’s to 50 more posts.

Inspiration: Clueless

Nothing says “grace, poise, and timeless beauty” quite like the cinematic jewel that is the 1995 film, Clueless.  Never before and never since has there been such a stellar example of the meaning of the word “chic.”  If they were alive today, I know that Audrey Hepburn herself would bow to the genius of Alicia Silverstone’s seminal performance, and Coco Chanel would redesign her signature suit.

How can you argue with the bright beauty of this ensemble  (and although you can’t see it in this photograph, but the sweater is fuzzy… Fuzzy!  Genius!):

Or what about the understated grace of this outfit:

Or the classic use of color and pattern in these two?  Just stunning!:

 Want to make some of your own Clueless inspired fashion?  Break out your fun fur and try these:

Uptown, Downtown Cardigan, by Lion Brand Yarn40001ada_medium

#20 Fur Collared Jacket by Charlotte Quiggle 738_1_

Inspiration: The Hobbit

Have you seen the Hobbit yet?  Probably.  It seems like everyone and their mother has seen it.  It was pretty good, but I have a couple gripes with it.

  1. Why do all the dwarves look like dwarves, except for two who look like some sort of perfume models?  Can you find them?
  2. Why did the dwarves randomly sing two big song and dance numbers at the beginning of the movie, then NEVER SING AGAIN?  I’m not saying I want the Hobbit to be a musical, but two musical numbers out of nowhere is a little weird.
  3. Why is Frodo in the beginning?  Dumb.  No point in him being there.
  4. Why is it a trilogy that will end up lasting more than 9 hours?  That’s too much.  It’s not a long book.

But one thing I did notice (because I’m a weirdo who likes knitting way too much), is that many of the characters wear these fantastic knitted fingerless mitts:

Mittens 3Mittens 2Mittens 1

Gorgeous!  Warm!  Practical!  Exactly what you want to wear when going on an adventure.  Want some for yourself?  Try these patterns:

Commuter Fingerless Mitts by Stephanie Sun

Camp Out Fingerless Mittens by tante ehm