Sock Week: First Thing’s First


It’s Sock Week!  Surprise!  Sock week is a lot like Shark Week, but with less blood, more socks, and it will last more than a week.  But Sock-Fortnight doesn’t sound as good as Sock week, so you’ll just have to deal.

So what does Sock Week entail?  It’s a step-by-step knitalong to make my Basic Sock Recipe.  At the end of Sock Week, I’ll put the whole kit and caboodle up in my Pattern Library for your sock-knitting pleasure, and you’ll have a brand-new hand-knit pair of socks.

“What are we making?” you ask.

“Great question!” I answer.  “This:”


“Ooh, aah” you say in wonderment.

Not really, I suspect.  But, if you get the hang of this basic sock recipe, you can easily modify it to make socks in every shape, size and style.

Get your wallets ready to go shopping for materials next week, when I give you the materials list.

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