Inspiration: X-Men First Class

I was flipping channels last night, looking for something to watch, and I came upon X-Men, First Class.  It happened to be starting, and I happened to be in the mood for some good old-fashioned superhero action.

Actually, I was really into the X-men when I was a kid.  I watched the cartoon every day after school for years.  I have nothing against other superheroes, but I always preferred the X-Men.  Maybe it was because they acted as a team, maybe because they included some lady superheroes (which, except Wonder Woman, don’t really exist), or maybe because they did the whole “We fight for justice, even though the whole world hates us” thing, which is pretty much calculated to tug at a pre-teen’s “I feel like a weirdo” heartstrings.

Anyway, the recent X-men movies have been pretty terrible, so I kind of gave up on them for the last few years.  But this was on TV (and therefore free).  So, why not?

Result?  Awesome.  Super good, and it has the feel of the cartoon (not like these new really dark and twisted superhero movies.  Batman, I’m looking at you.).  And, most importantly, it included this hat:


It was worn by the character Moira MacTaggart, who I had never heard of before, and frankly was neither a super compelling nor necessary character.  But she wore a cute hat.  So she’s got that going for her.  It’s a basic (ish) seed stitch beanie knit up with a k1p1 brim in bulky yarn.

Want to release your inner super powers?  Try one of these patterns:

pompon and seeds hat by Carolin Gall


Autumn by Jane Richmond


And, for the little mutants in your life:

Autumn Leftovers by Jane Richmond


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