8 thoughts on “Pattern Library

  1. Beverly

    Ok!! I am so excited to find this!!! I have wondered if anyone else was knitting or wanted to knit any of the sweaters, or other projectes from the show, ” Call the Midwife”. There have been a couple of the very vintage sweaters that I really want to make but can’t for the life of me remember the episode?? It was a short sleeve lacey knit . any help??

  2. Kim Smith

    I am trying to knit “Ian’s 8-quarter cap. I get to the 6th row and come up with 50 stitches instead of 56. I have done it three times, and am wondering if there could be an error in the pattern. Thank you. Kim

  3. Hanna

    I absolutely love the “hellenic pullover”! Its the kind of sweather i always wanted. I would like to knit it but its one thing i dont understand in the pattern. I dont know if it its my english or my lack of knitting-experiense that is the problem but i dont understand wath happends when one should start on the collar. Why does it say “remove scrap yarn”? Where does the scrap yarn come from? If i cast on by the yoke and knit downwards and bind of down by the waist the sholudnt be any stiches left up by the collar? I feel a bit stupid, i guess its something obvious im missing:) it would be very nice if someone could explain:)

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