I’ve had a streak of bad luck lately, or at least a streak of poor planning.  It seems that every time I leave the house to go somewhere I end up with a ridiculous amount of  downtime (meeting up with a friend who’s late for coffee, sitting in a waiting room, or just getting to work early).  And even worse, I haven’t been able to use that time for knitting.

I know!  The horror!

Either I forget my knitting bag altogether, or I run out of yarn, or I left by pattern book on the coffee table at home. It’s very frustrating, because as a knitter, time not spent working on a project is wasted time.  And I hate wasting time.

So, I’ve decided to make myself an Emergency Knitting Kit to put in the glove-box of the car.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOK, it’s just a little project bag and the half-finished socks I started a couple months ago, but it’ll still work.  Socks are perfect for this- simple, easy to do a row or two and put down, and small enough to be stashed in my car.

I know it’s silly, but I’ll definitely feel better knowing that I always have knitting ready and waiting.

Do you have Emergency Knitting?

6 thoughts on “Emergency!

  1. Sue

    Yes!!! I take supplies to knit baby beanies for charity while I’m working (telemarketing, so waiting while phone rings, leaving a message, etc.) And I just started knitting for knittedknockers.org, small portable project and easily memorized pattern. And a great charity as well. I HATE idle downtime!

  2. 911knits

    I do exactly the same thing. I have a pair of plain ribbed socks I am knitting with a self-striping yarn that I keep in a project bag that lives in my truck. I call them my waiting room socks. They keep me sane through a variety of waits.


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