Sock Week: Gathering your troops

So, what do we need to get started on your brand new wool socks?  Not too much, actually, which is pretty great.  You don’t need any really weird buttons or anything, and you don’t need hundreds of dollars worth of yarn.  All in all, socks might be the perfect project.



  • Sock yarn (duh).  I used Lion Brand Sock-Ease for the finished sock in the previous post.  In the tutorial I’m going to be using Zoe Sock yarn from Shalimar Yarns in the colorway “Melba.” (It’s a beautiful peachy-sunny yellow, despite the bland name… Melba Toast…ew.)  You can use whatever yarn you like.  When I’m buying sock yarn I look for three things:

1.  It has to be machine washable.  I am not a crazy person and am not going to hand wash my socks. That’s super dumb.  If I’m making wool socks (which are undeniably the best socks), I use yarn made from Superwash Wool.  Yarn that has a small percentage of nylon or polyester mixed with the Superwash Wool are good, because it adds strength to your socks.

2.  I need 100 grams of yarn (about 450 or so yards) to make a pair of adult-sized socks.  Most sock yarn comes in 100 gram skeins, but sometimes it comes in 50 gram skeins, in which case you’ll need to buy two.

3.  It has to say “Sock” on it, or it has to recommend using size US 1-3 needles on it.  If you use yarn that’s too thick, you’ll end up with socks that are too big to fit in your shoes.  You could do this, and use them as slippers, but that’s a personal choice.

  • A set of 5 Size 2 knitting needles.  I like short (5-inch long) wooden ones, but it’s totally up to personal preference.
  • A tape measure.  If yours has fruit on it, that’s ideal.  If not, that is acceptable, too.
  • A stitch marker (optional).
  • Scissors and a tapestry needle for finishing up.

So, go and collect your materials, and I’ll see you back here on Wednesday to get you Lucky Sock Number sorted out.

1 thought on “Sock Week: Gathering your troops

  1. madeye2

    Better late then never. I am starting my socks tonight. I had another project I wanted to finish first. I have made 3 pairs of socks, none of which have fit me well. I am going to follow your instructions step by step. I hope I will end up with a lovely pair of socks that I won’t have to give away because they don’t fit.


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