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Keeping Everyone Warm

This photo showed up on the internet earlier this week, and it just made me so happy:

ottawa_scarf_1[1]Can you read the tag?  It says “I am not lost!  If you’re stuck out in the cold, take this scarf to keep warm.”

Apparently a bunch of these scarves showed up all over Ottawa on Monday, draped around sculptures in preparation for a cold snap that put their temperatures well below zero.

You know I love yarn bombing in general, and giving away knit projects to strangers, but this is just the best thing I’ve ever seen.  It’s such a sweet gesture, and a great way to send warm and fuzzy thoughts (literally) out into the world.

On Wednesday, the group behind the scarves came out and started talking to the newspaper.  It turns out that they were a group of University of Ottawa students who  decided on their own to do the random act of kindness.  Because they’re awesome.

9414011[1]So, here’s to you, ladies!  Thank you for being so sweet and thoughtful!

And the next time we have a cold snap around here (although that’s super rare), I just might follow their examples.