Not Quite Banksy

I am a goody-two-shoes.  I kind of hate that about me, but I also am terrified of getting in trouble… always have been.  I’m sure a lot of you guys are, too.  After all, you’re reading a knitting blog, not out committing felonies and doing drugs.

But, sometimes I get fed up playing by the rules, and I want to do something a little bit rebellious.  Not enough rebellious that I go to jail, or hurt anyone,  or cause any permanent damage, or really bother anyone much, or anything.  Just enough to give me a little excitement.  So, as someone weirdly obsessed with knitting, what am I to do?  Knitted graffiti.

If you’ve spent any time online looking at knitting-type things, you might have heard about this.  Knitted graffiti or yarn bombing basically means making knitted decorations for something in a public space that you may or may not be supposed to be messing with.

Yarn bombing can be something as small as knitting a little heart and leaving it on the bus for someone to find, to entirely covering a tree with a knitted tree-cozy.  We had a great big statue at my college when I was in undergrad.  I crocheted it a striped hat and matching scarf when I was a junior.  I thought she looked pretty snazzy.  (I was going to put a picture of it here, but I can’t for the life of me find it.  This makes me a little sad.  Here’s a monster parking meter that I found instead.)

Want to give it a go?  Do it!  It’s pretty much the best way to get an adrenaline rush while knitting.  True, knitting isn’t exactly a high-octane pastime, but still.

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