Inspiration: The Toy Society

The Toy Society

Imagine you’re walking down the street, and you spot a little package hanging from a tree, or sitting on a bench.  “How odd,” you think, going over to investigate.  You pick up the package, and notice it’s a precious little hand-made stuffed animal.  “Oh no!” you think, “Some little kid’s lost their toy!”  But then you read the note attached to the package, and you realize that someone’s put this toy here so that it can be found and adopted into a loving home.

How cool is that?  Very cool, in my opinion.  The Toy Society is a loose association of crafters across the world that does just that.  Visit their website and take a look at what they do.  I’ve made several plushies and dolls for the Toy Society and left them around here and there for people to find them.

Want to try your hand at a random act of toy?  Try one of these delightfully simple projects:

Gnome Baby by Tonya Gunn

Elefante by Susan B. Anderson

Anything Animals by Rachel Borello Carroll

4 thoughts on “Inspiration: The Toy Society

  1. The Toy Society

    Thanks so much for your post and links! We’re just about to relaunch and would love to chat to you if you have any patterns you would like to share on the blog. xx

    1. onemilljellybeans Post author

      How wonderful! I didn’t realize you were down for a while… apparently I’m not very good at paying attention! I’d love to work with you guys some more (and I have a little stash of toys hiding in my attic that I need to start dropping around town). Feel free to shoot me an email at, and we can chat. 😀

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