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Inspiration: Shawls

Every year when the sun starts shining and the flowers are all in bloom, I get an itch to knit up something light and lacy.  It’s a particularly odd compulsion, since, as a rule, I am neither light nor lacy.  I’m usually dead practical and more a fan of cables and garter stitch than openwork.  But, there it is.  Who am I to judge the whims of the knitting gods?

Let’s feed the lace-knitting monster, and take a look around Ravelry for some pretty lacy shawls.

Indian Feathers by Alina Appasov features beads along the edge for extra drapiness and sparkle.

IMG_2224-1-1_medium2[1]Annis by Susanna IC is an interestingly shaped shawl, that’s actually closer to a scarf.  It’s a good mix between pretty lace-weight elegance, and the practicality of a scarf.

GA3a_medium[1]Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark is one of my favorite shawls.  I’ve actually knit it up a couple times.   The all-over pattern in the body of the shawl is to die for, and the lily-of-the-valley motif on the edge is just gorgeous (and it includes nupps, which are my absolute favorite specialty stitch).



Through the Grapevine Socks


These are socks worth gossiping about!  Their simple structure is offset by two panels of ladylike texture on either side of the leg.  Two grapey cables run between trellises of delicate openwork, making a sock that looks intricate, but is very simple to work up.  A delight to knit, and a pleasure to wear, the grapevine will be talking about these socks for years to come!

The Through the Grapevine Socks are knit on size 2 double-point needles using Knit Picks Stroll yarn (or your favorite brand of sock-weight yarn), in women’s size Small-Medium or Medium-Large.  They are worked from the 1×1 ribbed cuff down to the toe.  The heel is made using standard heel-flap construction, and the toe is created with sets of decreases on either side of the foot and closed up with the Kitchener stitch.  If you have difficulty with sock construction, please see my pattern “Socks by the Numbers” for more information.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKnit up a pair of Through the Grapevine Socks for yourself.  The pattern is available through my Ravelry store for three dollars: