Inspiration: Shawls

Every year when the sun starts shining and the flowers are all in bloom, I get an itch to knit up something light and lacy.  It’s a particularly odd compulsion, since, as a rule, I am neither light nor lacy.  I’m usually dead practical and more a fan of cables and garter stitch than openwork.  But, there it is.  Who am I to judge the whims of the knitting gods?

Let’s feed the lace-knitting monster, and take a look around Ravelry for some pretty lacy shawls.

Indian Feathers by Alina Appasov features beads along the edge for extra drapiness and sparkle.

IMG_2224-1-1_medium2[1]Annis by Susanna IC is an interestingly shaped shawl, that’s actually closer to a scarf.  It’s a good mix between pretty lace-weight elegance, and the practicality of a scarf.

GA3a_medium[1]Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark is one of my favorite shawls.  I’ve actually knit it up a couple times.   The all-over pattern in the body of the shawl is to die for, and the lily-of-the-valley motif on the edge is just gorgeous (and it includes nupps, which are my absolute favorite specialty stitch).[1]


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