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Can this really be my 700th post?  That’s absolutely bananas.

But, when I think about it, I’ve been writing this blog three times a week for the last four and a half years.  So, yeah, the math checks out.  Wow!

It’s amazing to me that anyone reads this thing at all (and it really freaks me out when people in the real world bring up things that I’ve mentioned here).  It’s a really strange feeling.  Writing a blog is such a public thing-it’s shared with hundreds of people every day, but it’s also really private.  I work on it at home, first thing in the morning, usually when there’s just Ollie here to keep me company. Anyway, this is all to say thank you for sticking with me all these years.  I know I’ve said it before, but I never thought I’d be half as successful in this endeavor as I’ve turned out to be.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for commenting.  I really appreciate you guys!

Happy Knitting!

(And, if you have any ideas for blog posts, I’d love to hear them!  After 700 posts, I’m starting to get writers’ block!)

Ideas, ideas…

Every once in a while, I start to run out of ideas.  It happens sometimes, after all, I’ve been writing posts three times a week for the last four years.

So, I’d love to hear your ideas!

Do you have questions about techniques?  Do you want more tutorials?Do you want to see what I’m working on?Are you interested in seeing more new patterns?  If so, what do you like to knit?Is there something else you’d like to see?

Let me know!  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

I’m Three!

It’s official!  On the Needles is out of its terrible twos!  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It’s been three years of three-days-a-week blogging, sharing patterns and writing in excessive detail about the fluffiness of yarns and the drape of knit fabric.  Thanks so much for coming along with me on this adventure, I really appreciate every single hit and “favorite” and I love hearing about everyone who tries one of my patterns!

Speaking of patterns!  I just checked over on Ravelry, and apparently I’ve published 44 patterns-  that’s more than one pattern every month since I began this whole knitting-as-a-job thing!  And, I’ve been included in 5 pattern collections from KnitPicks!  (And there are more in the works!)

I absolutely love sharing my favorite activity with you guys, and I’m constantly surprised when people actually show up to read what I write!  So, thank you for reading (and knitting)!  Here’s to 3 more years!

Picture Picture on the Wall

I was going through my backlog of projects that needed to be photographed for Ravelry today.  (You know- the projects that you forget to get a picture of until they’ve already been worn or given away.  They just sit there in your Ravelry queue with their big blank photos taunting you.  Drives me nuts.  It’s not just me, right?  Right?)

Anyway, it struck me that I’ve never shared my highly-technical photography setup.

And by highly-technical, I mean not technical at all.

I use a simple little point-and-click camera (I think it’s actually more than 5 years old, and its battery only holds a charge for about a half hour at a time, but it still works!) It’s an Olympus FE-360, if anyone cares.91eCSgUhEcS._SL1500_I really like it because it’s simple to use (and I know next to nothing about cameras).  And, I like it for taking pictures of knitting, because it has a macro and a super-macro feature for taking closeups.

Macro is used for taking pictures less than 4 feet away:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd super-macro is used for taking close ups from less than a foot away:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s not fancy, but it works for me!

The other part of taking decent knitting pictures is the light.  I always use natural light, and try to avoid any light that’s too bright or direct (luckily, in Seattle, that’s not usually a problem).  If you use a flash, or overhead lights, or try photographing your project in bright, direct sunlight, the colors go all funny, and everything gets weird and shadow-y.  (Like I said, technical.)

To get indirect natural light, I set up a big piece of foam core on a little rolling shelf, set up next to a window.  I can roll the shelf around to get the right amount of light (if it’s a gray day, like today, I’ll set up right next to the window.  If it’s brighter, I’ll move further away).


And then I take my pictures!


And that’s basically it! It’s not a fancy setup, and I’m not a professionally trained photographer by any means, but this is what I’ve figured out works for me.

I hope this helps with your photographs!

Do you have any tips or tricks you like for your photographs?  I’m always looking for something new!

Thank You!

Hi everybody, I thought I’d take a moment to do the cheesy-yet-well-intentioned Thanksgiving tradition.  You know,  the one where we all go around the dinner table (or in this case, the knitting website) and tell everyone what we’re thankful for.

CornucopiaThanksgiving[1]I know it’s dorky, but I’m in a thankful mood (but maybe that’s just my endorphins building up in preparation for tomorrow’s feast), so let’s do this thing.

I am thankful for knitting!  It’s both therapy and entertainment.  It keeps me busy and keeps me warm.  There’s something almost alchemical about turning yarn into something as complex as a lace shawl or as practical as a thick wool socks.  It warms my heart (and feet), and challenges my brain, and I love it.

I am thankful for my husband (obviously).  He puts up with having an entire room dedicated to knitting and doesn’t mind when he finds project bags scattered across the house.  He ‘s been insanely supportive with my blog and pattern design work, as well as regular awesome husband-ness.

I am thankful for my pup.  Ollie’s been an amazing addition to our lives over the past half-year, and he makes me laugh every day.  I couldn’t be happier having him in my life (even if he has chewed up a knitting needle or two… *grumble, grumble*)

I am thankful for this blog- and it’s readers!  It’s been a really fun (sometimes difficult) and interesting exercise to write something (hopefully) interesting and (sometimes) funny every other day for almost three years, and I’m looking forward to keeping it going.  Being able to share my passion with all of you lovely people is fantastic!  You’re the best! (And, there’s so many of you!)

Happy Thanksgiving!  What are you thankful for?

What should I be reading?

I have a confession to make.

I am a (clearly) avid blogger- I’ve consistently written three posts a week for the last two and half years.  I like the idea of blogs, and I think they’re totally worthwhile and can be amazing.

But (and here is the confession), I haven’t consistently read any knitting blogs (or any blogs, really) since I started On the Needles.

I know!  Heresy!

Back in the day, and several computers ago, I had a whole list of a dozen or more blogs that I’d check nearly every day.

Now, I can’t remember their names.  And the ones I do remember seem to have lapsed.

Through the Loops has changed its name, and hasn’t been updated since May.ThroughTheLoops-Logo[1]The Mason-Dixon Knitting ladies haven’t posted since February.511RlvWDFBL[1]And, the Purl Bee has completely changed- It looks like an online store now.

header-sticky-logoTell me that there are still good knitting blogs out there.  I know there has to be, but where are they?  What should I be reading?  I need to up my blog-reading game.

Happy Blog-Day To Me

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn The Needles is two!  It’s going to start throwing temper tantrums soon.  (Or whatever it is that two-year-olds do.)

It’s been fun, you guys.  I really didn’t expect this blog to go very far, and two years later, I’m still writing it three times a week (I think I’ve only missed one day, but I’m not even sure about that), and I’m getting hundreds of visitors every day.  It’s kind of amazing.

I’m actually turning this whole knitting thing into a semi-legitimate job, too, which is something I didn’t expect, even in my wildest dreams.  I never thought I would do anything knitting-related in my professional life, yet here I am.  How awesome is that?

And, you guys, I have so much more awesome stuff coming up, you don’t even know! I can’t say what it is yet, but you should totally be sure to come back on Wednesday.  I have a really exciting announcement and a super cool giveaway! (I know, right?  A real, actual giveaway!)  You’re totally going to want to get in on this.

So, keep reading, and I’ll keep writing, and together, we’ll keep knitting.

My Mind is a Blank Canvas… Ugh.

canvas[1]Yup.  I have come to the end of my ideas, or at least the list of ideas I keep on my computer.

I have a spreadsheet where I keep notes about the blog, and a schedule of what I’ve been writing about.  I try to keep the posts pretty balanced between techniques, tips, patterns, and “Cool stuff I found online.”

And, well, the “Cool stuff I found online” category seems to have been winning lately.

That, and my list of topic ideas has gotten frighteningly short.  So, instead of drinking a lot of coffee and putting in the actual work of coming up with new ideas, I shall extend an invitation to you guys:  What do you want to see more of?  What do you want to see less of?  Is there a topic you’re dying to learn more about?  Should I talk more about the projects I’m knitting on, or could you care less?  Do you want to learn about finishing techniques?  Or are you interested in varieties of yarn?   Did you see a pattern for a hat that you love, but can’t decipher?  Or do you want my super secret recipe for blackberry pie?  (Well, tough!  You can’t have it.  It’s secret.)

Let me know what you want to see, and we’ll get the ball (of yarn) rolling on some awesome new posts and exciting new projects, and hopefully, another 250 (mostly pretty good) posts.

A Call for Ideas

As much as I try to be more, I am only one person, with one person’s ideas.  So, I wanted to ask you a favor.  It would be awesome if you could let me know if you have any questions, ideas, thoughts, or other knitting-related ramblings you want to hear about.

Do you have a project you want to make, but can’t find a pattern for?  Do you want to learn how to do a specific technique?  Did something weird happen to you the last time you worked on a pattern, and you want to share?

Or, do you have an itch to try writing yourself?  Do you want to contribute to an On the Needles guest post?  Did you write a pattern, that you want to get a little more exposure?

Email me (knittingontheneedles@gmail.com), tweet at me (@on_the_needles), or contact me through the blog if you have ideas/questions/submissions.  I’ll have my people talk to your people (in other words, we’ll chat).

Let’s make On the Needles bigger and better than ever!