New Pattern: Gradient Hat and Scarf

How does that old saying go?  “A new year, a new pattern?”  That sounds right… yeah.

Well, however that saying goes (and whether or not it’s actually a saying), I’ve got a new pattern for you!

It’s the middle of January, and it’s real cold, so what could be better than a super-squishy, extra warm, nice and thick hat-and-scarf combo?

Nothing.  That’s what.

Introducing: the Gradient Scarf and Hat.52178220_5_medium1This bad boy is made from worsted-weight merino, held TRIPLE, so you know it’s going to keep you warm.  Both the hat and scarf are worked all over in broken rib, one of my favorite stitches.  The fabric is soft, squishy and totally comfy.   Plus, there’s a mean pompom on top of the hat.  You gotta love a pompom. I mean, look at it:52178220_15_medium21And, that’s not all!  This pattern is one of eight in Knit Picks’ new book Quick and Cozy: Bulky Knit Accessories.  Patterns like this adorable red cowl from the cover:75279d1And these gorgeous colorwork mittens:75279d1051You can order a copy of the book here!  Or, if you’re feeling lucky, comment below with your favorite thing to knit in January to be entered to win your very own copy of Quick and Cozy!  (The winner will be announced next Wednesday!)

21 thoughts on “New Pattern: Gradient Hat and Scarf

  1. sue

    I love knitting small projects in January–fingerless gloves, hats, beanies. The weeks leading up to Christmas are full of bigger things, afghans, scarves, and finishing the smaller stuff quickly feels like a reprieve!

  2. Jen

    Scarves – I like some quick, more mindless knitting and usually need to restock my stash of scarves after the holidays.

  3. Genevieve

    I’ve been on a hat kick lately this January. I’d love new inspiration and patterns. 😉 Just discovered your blog via Twitter. Looking forward to seeing more.

  4. Rachael Thut

    I LOVE knitting thick chunky hats in January. For myself, because I usually haven’t knit something for myself since August due to all the Christmas knitting.

  5. Kevin GRIFFIN

    It is mittens and half finger gloves for me……love to knit them and give them family and local charities!


  6. Kris

    I love knitting blankets in January ESPECIALLY this January cause its SO COLD!! But I love knitting anything truth be told…fingerless mitts, scraves, hats, toys, letters that spell love for next month…I even crocheted my own gingerbread house last month…does that count, lol.😂

  7. Lynn

    My favourite think to knit in January….mittens and hats. Knit in one day so i can wear them and show off how clever i am!

  8. Amanda

    My favorite thing to knit in January is anything basic and simple. After the busyness of the holidays, simple knitting feels like such a calming relief!

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