What?! More Patterns?

That’s right, knitters!  Surprise!  Another pattern- and it’s one I’m super proud of!

Introducing: The Laura Shawl!521622201It’s a gorgeous (if I say so myself) cabled wrap, almost six feet long and two feet wide.  It looks great wrapped around your shoulders, or cozied up under your chin.  And, frankly, it’s big enough to act as a lap blanket when you go out to eat, and they set you too close to a drafty window.

The Laura Shawl is knit in gorgeous tweedy wool that works great with cables.  Four wide panels of complex cables are interspersed with some knit/purl texture, and the whole bad boy is finished with thick fringe on either end, just to make it feel extra-luxurious.

52162220_21The best part?  It’s part of another beautiful book from Knit Picks, the Woodsmoke Cable Collection.331101This book is absolutely breathtaking.  It’s chock full of 16 lushly cabled patterns- sweaters, blankets, scarves and hats.

I mean, look at these:331101111Really, I want to work up all of these for myself.  (Or maybe have someone else do it so I don’t have to wait?)331101151What’s that? You want a copy?  Buy yourself a copy here!

Or, comment below with a description of your most complicated cable project for a chance to win a free copy!  (The winner will be named next Friday, so stay tuned!)

16 thoughts on “What?! More Patterns?

    1. Mary Copeland

      This is beautiful! The most difficult cabled project I’ve made was “James Cabled Cashmere Vest” from “Simply Beautiful Sweaters for Men.” My husband loved the pattern but I did not–it’s a less structured cable than I like. But I came to like it and the yarn was heavenly.

  1. Claudia

    That is just gorgeous! You should be proud… The hardest cabled thing I ever attempted (twice!) was St Brigid by Alice Starmore. Someday, I will knit it again, but successfully.

  2. Thread Forward

    Beautiful Shawl! I think the most complex cabled item I ever made was one I tried to design myself in my early 20s – I couldn’t read charts yet and had to convert the written instructions to knitting in the round.

  3. shecrochets

    How gorgeous!!

    The hardest thing I knit with cables was also the smallest. It was the French Press Foulard by Lynne Ann Banks.

  4. Alison Routley

    The most complicated cable I have done was the one I did last week during Vicki Howell’s ‘Ask Me Monday’ podcast. It was my first ever and it seemed ridiculously complicated until I got the hang of it. Now I think a simple cable is possible but I’m definitely up for the challenge to learn more!

  5. Amanda

    I love cables, they’re just so classic and timeless. My most complicated cable project was the Swivel Pullover from Interweave Knits winter 2014. Moving cables that wrap around my body almost crushed me, but it turned out well and is my favorite sweater!

  6. julih

    I’ve started any number of cabled projects, but my favorite is the green Hugo I knit for my best friend, even though I ended up knitting the sleeves five times by the end of it.

  7. Carolyn

    Most complicated project is a reversible cable scarf I currently have on the sticks. We’re taking a bit of a break on it because that scarf and I were heading to a breakup! 🙂

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  9. Jennifer

    The first time I attempted a cable pattern was with Waterlily Leg warmers. Then because I was delirious about what was ahead of me, I added some variegated yarn in each section so I could see the pattern wrap around the colours.


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