Patterns: Dahlia Shawl and Puddle Jumper Socks AND a Giveaway!

Holy crap, you guys!  It’s finally here!  Today’s the day I can FINALLY tell you about not one, but TWO patterns that I’ve been working on since May!  AND, I get to hold my first ever On the Needles giveaway!

(I was going to try to play it cool, but I’m so excited, I can’t even pretend that I’m not freaking out.)

I have two patterns in the new KnitPicks Spring Collection.  It’s a book.  An actual, real-life book, and my patterns are printed in it.

For real.  Here’s the cover (It’s not my pattern on the cover, but it’s still super cute!):

32490Want to see my patterns?

I’m totally in love with my Dahlia Shawl.  I wear the prototype one all the time.  It’s the perfect size to wear as a scarf, tucked into my coat, or as a shawl, wrapped around my shoulders.  The modern lace edging is super easy to knit because it’s worked at the same time as the main body of the shawl.  (And the yarn is merino and silk, and is totally gorgeous and drapes wonderfully.)

51851220_5 51851220My second pattern in the collection are my super-cheerful Puddle Jumper Socks.  They’re knit from the top down, with an afterthought heel, so they work up in no time.  I love the stripe pattern, especially the way the third contrasting color really pops on the toe and heel.

51850220 51850220_10So, I bet you’ve guessed what the giveaway is.

I’ve got two copies of the 2015 Spring Accessories Collection (one paper book and one ebook) to give away to two lucky readers.  (It really is a great collection-there are lots of fabulous patters, not just mine.  I particularly like the Pyra Mitts, the Modular Triangle Shawl and the Charm City Socks.)

If you want to try and win a copy, comment below and tell me what you’d knit first if you won the book!  (Don’t post your address or anything-we’ll figure that all out later.)  I’ll pick the winner at random in one week (on 2/25).

Good luck!  (Now I need to go drink a nice, calming cup of tea.)

87 thoughts on “Patterns: Dahlia Shawl and Puddle Jumper Socks AND a Giveaway!

  1. FogKnits

    Socks for me! I’m usually a shawl knitter but I love those socks! The stripes and the spring colors are calling to me! There may be a sock knitter in me yet!

  2. salpal1

    Love them both, but I think the shawl. And I have just the yarn for it, a lovely merino silk blend… tucked up in my stash waiting for the perfect shawl pattern.

  3. nicnic15

    Totally would Knit the Shawl first! It’s so lovely and it looks like it would be comfy. Congrats on getting your patterns published. You’re such a fantastic knitter. So creative! Love it!!

  4. Kris G

    Oh, this is so exciting!!!! I loved going to the patterns and seeing “Designer: Allison Griffith”! Congratulations my dear!!!! Don’t put me in the give away-just wanted to say Well Done!!!

  5. marimoms8

    The Dahlia shawl; decision was a no-brainer for me as I am not tall(as opposed to being short) and I live in a warm climate which means I could easily wear Dahlia in the summertime when restaurants, theaters and every other place with air conditioning has the temperature at freezing.

  6. madeye2

    I would/will knit the socks. I have the yarn ready to go as soon as my copy arrives in the mail.

  7. Christine P.

    Oooo, if I won, I would knit your Daliah Shawl first! I’m obsessed with scarfy shawls and yours is beautiful!!

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  9. BagelWoman

    Oooh. I’d totally go with your shawl first! I’m already starting my first pair of socks, and don’t expect them to be done for like… 3 years? lol. I’m not good at finishing projects.

  10. frostysweetness

    I would totally make the socks first! Those socks are sooo cute! Them alone make me want to get this book.

    There is nothing like laying in your bed with some hot tea, a book or computer, your favorite jammies, and a comfy pair of socks, especially some so cute!

  11. Iris

    The socks! Bright and cheerful. I always have socks OTN so I would cast on for the Dahlia Shawl too. I’m good at not making decisions. lol

  12. Knitmaster_Yarns

    Great job with the Puddle Jumper pattern. I love knitting socks so that would be the first thing I’d knit.

  13. Nancy Nushart

    The dahlia shawl, definitely! Love the lace edging. I’m just starting to knit shawls, and they may become everyday garments for me!!

  14. Delia Martin

    Love the Dahlia shawl. I think that would be the first thing I would knit…and I’d probably refer to it as the Delia shawl. 😉

  15. lynda joy Brennum

    I would start with the Dahlia shawl. I love a garter stitch shawl with simple details that bring out the yarn. your design is lovely and I can’t wait to find the right yarn and start my Dahlia in progress or DIP! I love wraps, caps, fingerless mitts. My 2nd project may be some color work. My non knitting son gave me some knitting supplies and 1 is a strand separator for color work So I can show him I work on colorwork. Your puddle jumper socks remind me of rainy days as a child! I’ve just finished a pair of deep purplish black socks from my shepherd friend’s sheep. I had trouble with the color being so close to black that I had trouble with the stitches at the heel pick up. I dearly want an excuse to get the caspian interchangeables, I have the Harmonies in interchangeable and double points…

  16. Amy

    Hands down, the Dahlia shawl! It just looks warm and elegant, and I have some merino/silk yarn in the stash for it already. 🙂

  17. Willa M

    Hard to choose! I think the socks first. I have only made one pair a few years ago and would like to try knitting more of them, those are really cute in those colors!

  18. Zoe

    I’ve been meaning to try knitting socks for a long time, and the Puddle Jumper socks seem like a good place to start…


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