Sock week: Sock Block Rock

There’s been a heck of a lot of sock talk around here lately.  So, I have some more!

Once you’ve finished your second sock, you could just say “Hey!  I’ve got some socks.  Yay!”

OR, you could guild the lily and go one more step and block the suckers.  Your socks will fit just fine without blocking them, so if I’m just making socks for myself, I won’t do it.  But, if I’m making the socks as a gift, I’ll block them.  Blocking just makes the toes and heels lay nicely and fixes all those little weirdnesses that happen during knitting.

Here’s what you need:

1 pair of socks.

A clean bowl (or a clean sink) filled with bathwater-warm water.

A couple clean towels

Sock blockers (optional)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADrop your socks into the bowl of water, and let them soak for about 20 minutes. They need to be completely saturated.  Don’t scrub or squeeze them or anything, just lay them nicely in the bowl of water.  If you mess with them too much, they’ll start to felt, which is not ideal.  You can poke them a bit until they go underwater, if you feel it’s necessary.

After your socks are thoroughly saturated, take them out of the bowl and squeeze them gently to get rid of a good portion of the water.  They should still be wet, but not drippy.


Then, lay out the towel (or towels) and arrange your socks nicely on top.  Roll the whole mess into a damp towel-and-sock burrito.  Squeeze it as much as you can, to get out most of the water.  (I know, first I tell you to get them wet, then I tell you to dry them out… I can’t make up my mind.  I’m terrible.)


Now you have two options.  The easiest way to block socks is to use sock blockers (duh).  Sock blockers are sock-shaped forms that you put your wet socks on to dry after you’re done knitting them.  You can find them at your local knitting store, or you can buy them here.  Basically, you put the damp socks on the sock blockers, and let them hang to dry.  (My socks are a skotch too big for my blockers, so I use clothespins to keep them on the blockers.)  If you don’t own blockers, not to worry.  You can get out another clean, dry towel and lay your socks out nicely on the towel and leave them out to dry.


Now, your beautiful socks are completely, totally and 100% DONE!  How exciting.  And, just in time for summer (because nothing says summer, like wool socks).

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