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Needles that Rule

J0yDjiKJust a quickie today, something silly and fun.   I stumbled across this ad from the fifties for the “Measure Knit.”  They’re knitting needles with markings for inches, so you can use them as rulers.  How smart is that?  I’m always loosing my tape measures, so having a ruler/knitting needle hybrid would be super useful.

And, if the ladies in the ad are any indication, these needles are more exciting than a barrel full of monkeys.

Another Kind of Needle

I play roller derby.  I’m one of maybe 5 people on the whole league that doesn’t have any tattoos.  Because of this, my friends are always telling me that I need to get a tattoo (or six).  They’ve even drawn out tattoos for me.  I like their ideas, but frankly, I’m pretty sure if I got one of their tattoos I’d regret it five years down the line. I’m indecisive like that.

But this one… I like this tattoo. I might be convinced to get this tattoo

tumblr_ltej2eb1eE1qzabkfo1_400It’s a ruler along her index finger and a notepad on her wrist.  How clever is that?  I can never find a ruler when I need one.  I have used the dimensions of my phone (5″x2.75″) to eyeball a piece of knitting more times than I can count.  I might have to go make a tattoo appointment.*


*Don’t worry, Mom.  I’m not actually getting a tattoo.  I just think that a ruler tattoo is a pretty clever idea.