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Another Kind of Needle

I play roller derby.  I’m one of maybe 5 people on the whole league that doesn’t have any tattoos.  Because of this, my friends are always telling me that I need to get a tattoo (or six).  They’ve even drawn out tattoos for me.  I like their ideas, but frankly, I’m pretty sure if I got one of their tattoos I’d regret it five years down the line. I’m indecisive like that.

But this one… I like this tattoo. I might be convinced to get this tattoo

tumblr_ltej2eb1eE1qzabkfo1_400It’s a ruler along her index finger and a notepad on her wrist.  How clever is that?  I can never find a ruler when I need one.  I have used the dimensions of my phone (5″x2.75″) to eyeball a piece of knitting more times than I can count.  I might have to go make a tattoo appointment.*


*Don’t worry, Mom.  I’m not actually getting a tattoo.  I just think that a ruler tattoo is a pretty clever idea.