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Idea Day

Hi everyone!

Happy Idea Day!  It’s the most magical day of the year!

What’s that? You haven’t heard of Idea Day?   It’s the best holiday ever (that I just made up)!

How do you celebrate Idea Day?  First you drink the traditional Idea Coffee and eat the traditional Idea Chocolates while wearing the traditional Idea Slippers.coffee-chocolate_00379544[1]After coffee, we’ll trim the traditional Idea Tree, and sing the traditional Idea Carols.

simple-tree-hi[1]Then, you send me your ideas for topics for me to cover!  Interested in a specific technique?  Have a favorite yarn-loving TV character that I’ve ignored?  Having trouble reading a pattern?  Let me know, and we can celebrate Idea Day together by writing blog posts!

Or, do you have a story, tutorial, or essay that you want to write yourself?  Let me know, and we can give Guest Posting a try!

I’d love to see your Ideas!

Happy Idea Day!