Idea Day

Hi everyone!

Happy Idea Day!  It’s the most magical day of the year!

What’s that? You haven’t heard of Idea Day?   It’s the best holiday ever (that I just made up)!

How do you celebrate Idea Day?  First you drink the traditional Idea Coffee and eat the traditional Idea Chocolates while wearing the traditional Idea[1]After coffee, we’ll trim the traditional Idea Tree, and sing the traditional Idea Carols.

simple-tree-hi[1]Then, you send me your ideas for topics for me to cover!  Interested in a specific technique?  Have a favorite yarn-loving TV character that I’ve ignored?  Having trouble reading a pattern?  Let me know, and we can celebrate Idea Day together by writing blog posts!

Or, do you have a story, tutorial, or essay that you want to write yourself?  Let me know, and we can give Guest Posting a try!

I’d love to see your Ideas!

Happy Idea Day!

2 thoughts on “Idea Day

  1. madeye2

    I am having trouble with my sock heel. This pattern has the kind of heel where you knit it an piece of scrap yarn then knit the heel after the whole sock is done. Is it called an after-thought heel? I just can’t picture how this works. I’ve never done a heel this way. Help please!

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