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I just got back from a lovely vacation up to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  It was fantastic! The weather was gorgeous, the scenery was breathtaking, and it was great to see my family again.

Unfortunately, I still had some work to do on a couple patterns I owed my publisher, so one afternoon, I sat down with my laptop, my notebook and a cup of tea.


You can imagine what happened.

I was chatting with my dad and I tried to pick up my tea, but failed spectacularly.  The next thing I knew, I had spilled an almost-full cup of tea all over my computer.  I lifted it up, and tea poured out the USB ports on the side.  It was not pretty.

I sopped up the tea as best I could, and let my computer sit near a sunny window for the rest of the vacation, while I crossed my fingers that I hadn’t caused too much trouble.

Now we’re home, and my husband has had a chance to open up my laptop and clean out any leftover tea residue.

And would you believe- it’s working perfectly!  (Except that the keys are a little sticky still.)

I’ve gotta say, I was completely shocked- I was all ready to go out and get a new computer.  I guess it’s my lucky day, or maybe they’re just making computers more idiot-proof than they used to.

Anyway, now that my computer is up and running again, I’ll be able to get all caught up with my work again, and hopefully I’ll be a little more careful in the future.

(In the meantime, here’s a picture from my vacation- The UP really is absolutely gorgeous!)Have you ever spilled on your computer?  (Not that I’m counting, but this is the third time I’ve done it… and it’s never good…)

Yarn + Electricity = Winning

This weekend MakerFaire is happening in San Francisco!  I am so excited to finally get to go after years of reading about it.  MakerFaire is a super cool craft fair/creative festival that  celebrates innovation and ingenuity.  Anyone who has a cool idea is welcome to share it with other fair-goers.

You made a bicycle-powered sewing machine?  You developed a robot that tends your garden for you?  You used scrap metal to build a car?  You have a spot at MakerFaire. People at MakerFaire are especially known for taking two things that don’t usually go together, combining them and making something amazing.

Like fiber arts and electronics.

E-textiles (aka soft circuits) are a really cool way to try your hand at electronics and create some amazing projects.

The basic idea is that you use conductive thread (nylon thread, coated in a conductive metal) instead of wires to connect your electronic components (like leds, batteries, sensors and tiny computers).

You could go super simple, and make a pair of texting gloves.  The conductive thread woven through the fingertips allows you to use a touchscreen  without removing your gloves.  (Handy in the Great White North in February.)

Teknika Gloves by Laura Nelkin

6437487283_bc44cb9a7d_z[1]Or you could get your embroidery on, and make a little sampler, including LEDs, a battery and an on/off switch.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAOr, if you have more tech experience than I do, you could get your hands on a LilyPad Arduino.  It’s a tiny computer that you can plug into your computer, program, and use to make LEDs blink in cool patterns.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAWhat would you use soft circuits for?