Nearly There

I’ve just about done it- I’ve got all the big pieces for the toddler Ben-ish pullover finished. (And right in time for summer-y weather to set in. Though this is Seattle; I’m sure it’ll get back to cold and rainy before the week is out.)

The sweater looks so good! I just love this cable pattern- it’s making me want to knit up another Ben for myself (the one I made for my husband 10+ years ago and that I subsequently adopted/stole back is looking pretty disreputable). I can’t wait to see this on my little guy. He’s naturally got a real “tenured professor” vibe, so it’s basically a crime that he doesn’t have a cabled sweater already. Maybe I should add some elbow patches, too.

Anyway, all that’s left is to seam it, add the collar and block it. And if I say it like that, it doesn’t sound like much, but I’m sure it’s going to take a few weeks for me to actually get around to finishing up everything. Because why would this step take any less time than any other step? For a tiny little sweater, it’s really taking a lot of work. Long gone are the days of finishing an entire adult sweater in two weeks.

How do you feel when you get close to the end of a project?

2 thoughts on “Nearly There

  1. Sue H-m

    That’s is so stinkin’ CUTE!!!!
    When finishing a wip, I feel like I’ve run a 5k (because this is me and I don’t do marathons, lol!), congratulate myself, then sign up for another run (project). Goals and working toward them. Keeps me happy, whether I meet them or not 😊

  2. CA

    Looks great, well done! About two thirds of the way through a project I feel dispirited for a bit, but at long as I push through I get to a point of surprose and delight when I realise there’s only ten rows left, and then casting off always feels like a triumph.


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