Halfway across the island

Woo! It’s starting to look more like a sweater! It’s going to need a nice blocking (and assembly) to really see how it looks, but I’m feeling more optimistic that this will be done before my toddler is in high school.

Anyway, here’s the sweater all laid out. Obviously, I haven’t sewed it up yet, but it’s getting there. Despite my best/worst attempts at math, the proportions look more or less correct. And I just love the “little old man” aesthetic for my slow-moving, cheerful, and thoughtful little guy.

One funny thing that happened though, is that the sleeves are literally wider than the body pieces. It’s an oversized sweater with generous sleeves, so it’s not that surprising, but still, when they’re laid out like that… it looks a little funny.

Now I just have to make the other sleeve… and sew it together… and block it. I’m basically done, right?

Are you working on any long-term projects?

3 thoughts on “Halfway across the island

  1. CA

    I always find sizing so difficult to picture for kids – arms as wide as the body would have me wondering for a minute, but it makes sense when you explain about the pattern and fit.

    I’ve got a shawl on the go and just yesterday finished my other longish term wip – I need to take photos of it and that’s always a stumbling point for me!

  2. Shelah

    It looks good. Cables really look good on anything, in my opinion. Have fun! I’ve only done a couple sweaters but they didn’t require any construction, just top down or bottom up.

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