One Decade

OK, y’all. This is going to blow your mind. Or at least it blew mine. Because it’s been 10 years since I started writing this silly little blog!

If you count it as a job, I’ve been at this for more than twice as long as any other job. It’s been fun, it’s been challenging, and it’s kept me making progress with my knitting and designing life over the years.

Should I have jumped ship for Instagram or TikTok 5 years ago? Probably. But hey, I’m still happy to be chugging along on my never-redesigned site from literally a decade ago. (And what a decade!) Thanks for coming along on the ride with me.

What’s your longest job?

4 thoughts on “One Decade

  1. Sue H-m

    My longest job was delivering flowers for a small family-owned florist in Kent, Ohio. At least a dozen years.

  2. aletheia6012

    Congratulations!!! I love your blog and its simple format. Tbh I haven’t jumped ship for TikTok or Instagram either, so I appreciate that some people still write like this. *Raises a glass to another ten years*

  3. Edna

    Happy Birthday to 10 years of happy blogging! It’s a pleasure going along on the ride with you! I love reading about your knitting and designing life–it’s very inspirational!


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