Bigger than expected

I’m cruising along on my two-year-old’s sweater. It’s turning out cute. It’s really reminding me why I like this cable pattern so much that I’ve made it 3 times at this point. It’s just complicated enough to keep it interesting, but also is super easy to follow. There’s never any question about which row gets the cable crosses.

I have to say, however, I’m shocked by how much yarn this project is eating up. In my head, my kid is still a teeny baby who I could make a whole sweater out of a single skein in a weekend. Not so much anymore. I actually used more than one skein just to make the back! I’ve only got three skeins total, so I doubt that I’ll have to enough to make it all the way.

I’d rather not place another order, so I think I’ll just let it ride and cross my fingers until it’s undeniable. (Which will probably be in about two days when I finish the front and have less than a skein to do the sleeves and collar.) Or maybe there’ll be a miracle, and I’ll magically have enough yarn to make it all the way through.

When did my little baby get so big!?

When’s the last time you tried to play yarn chicken? Did you win?

5 thoughts on “Bigger than expected

  1. Cheryl

    I’ve stopped playing yarn chicken because I NEVER win.

    Now I figure what I need based on the pattern and buy one or two extra skeins depending on price. Eventually I find a project for the excess – scrappy hats for charity if nothing else.

  2. Sue H-m

    Just a few days ago! Making a Knitted Knocker, had to frog back (with a lifeline!) And make a B cup instead of a C. It was good practice on the lifeline, so I didn’t mind.

  3. wildchild47

    Happened to cruise here by curiosity – here’s a thought …. if you don’t have enough wool for a full sweater – then why not make it a “sweater vest” – sleeveless with a modified collar? At least it would save your effort and time and I bet it would still be absolutely lovely.



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