Done and Done!

You guys! I think my mojo is back! (Or at least kinda back.) I’ve finished my little blue socks and I love them.

Did they take longer than I expected? Yes. Did they turn out nothing like I had intended? Absolutely. But am I pleased with how they turned out? Totally!

I think I really like this length. I usually (always) make socks with legs that are about twice this tall, but I kind of love how they turned out. They took quite a bit less yarn (so I didn’t have to play yarn chicken!) and were a much quicker knit. I think they’ll be a great fall sock, for when I don’t necessarily want a big, thick “middle of winter” sock, but I still want to pull out something soft and cozy.

Now I just have to wait for it to cool off enough to wear them!

What finished projects are you excited about lately?

2 thoughts on “Done and Done!

  1. Edna

    Hello, from one type A, competent person who gets things done to another. I, too, like to plan ahead to allow plenty of time to do the necessary things in life (paying bills, scheduling doctors appointment, being on time to appointments, etc. (you get the idea). There’s the satisfaction of completing tasks & checking them off my to-do-lists. There is a downside for me: being a type A, competent person I find it very stressful having to do things with people who are not efficient in getting things done–for example, my sister is unreliable ( forgets to do things) or does things inefficiently (arrives very very late) which drives me nuts. She’s an intelligent person, so why she has this incompetency is beyond me.

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