Keeping it Chill

I’m keeping the pressure off, and I’m making headway… slowly. In the last week (when previous versions of me would have already finished an entire pair of socks), I’ve turned a single heel.

That’s right. I have taken a whole week to make a heel on a sock. Something I’ve done a million times and usually will take me no more than an episode (or maybe two) of whatever crime documentary I’m watching. I can’t even say I was using that time to make the sock leg longer, because, I didn’t add any length at all to the leg since the last time I told you about it. I could probably count the number of times I’ve made socks this short on one hand.

But, you know what, I’m kind of digging this length. It’s cute! I like the zig-zag pattern, too. I think it could be nice as an embellishment on the top of a long sock, or even a repeating pattern down the length of a sock. Who knows, maybe this’ll end up as a self-published pattern with options on the length. It’s been a minute since I’ve written up a pattern just for myself.

And, after all that grumping about how slow this sock is going, I just want to pause for a second and say: I love a slip-stitch heel. It’s so cute. It’s sturdy and attractive. I’ve seen people checkerboard the slips, which is nice enough, but I really like the faux-ribbing that happens when you stack them up. It’s definitely my favorite sock heel.

Are you working on anything currently?

2 thoughts on “Keeping it Chill

  1. Cheryl

    That is the prettiest blue and a lovely zig zag! I seem to be stuck on shawls but really want to want knit socks!

  2. Sue H-m

    That’s really cute!
    I love that you’re satisfying yourself, keeping it low key and enjoying the results.
    I’ve got a few things going, but since I’m back at work and commuting again, I’m not getting in the yarn time like I was during covid–and that’s fine. Like you, I’m keeping it low key and enjoying the time I do get to yarn, and liking the results.
    A sweater for my husband, a granny square pullover for me, and I just started some fingerless mitts to have small projects to have fun with. After being home and furloughed for so long, the need to feel productive in my crafting has lulled, and I’m good with that.


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