Inspiration: All Creatures Great and Small

So, I’ve decided I need a new aesthetic. I’m no longer going to dress as a 21st century 30-something mom. Nope. No more t-shirts or leggings or hoodies for me.

I’m now officially dressing as a country vetrinarian from the 1930s.

It’s all tweed and knit vests and crisp white shirts from now on.

Why yes, I have been watching the new All Creatures Great and Small on PBS. (And yes, I know I’m several months late to the party).

And if you haven’t watched it yet, what are you doing?! It’s a delight. It’s like a warm cup of tea poured by Mrs. Hall in the surgery kitchen. Which is exactly what I want these days. (My usual media diet of old Star Trek and true crime documentaries hasn’t been great lately).

Anyway, now that I’ve decided to totally overhaul my wardrobe to accommodate my new dream, we should probably talk vests.

Because, y’all, there are some very good vests.

Take this amazing Fair Isle number. I mean, I’m not a huge fan of stranded knitting generally, but I could get behind making up something like this. It’s gorgeous, it’s super fancy, and still manages to be understated. Plus, how much fun would it be to pick out all those colors?

Machrihanish by Kate Davies Designs

Or I could go the absolute opposite direction, and go super simple with super-wide ribbing. Classy. Classic. Cozy.

His Vest by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas

But, I think this is my favorite of all the vests. (And I think it’s James Herriot’s favorite, too, since he wears it all the time.) It just looks so soft and comfy, and you know me and cables. Cables+me=BFFs.

Delius by Bristol Ivy

Well, I’m off to watch the Christmas Special (which is very timely… ha!) and go online shopping for tweed and button-downs.

What are you currently watching?

4 thoughts on “Inspiration: All Creatures Great and Small

  1. Sue H-m

    It’s on my list! I’ve watched Call the Midwife thru twice (there’s a gold cardi on there that also shows up in The Queen’s Gambit! MUST find the pattern!) and am on my fourth trip thru Downton Abby.
    There’s just something comforting about The British and Their Knitted Items.
    I’ve started working again, from home now, so my yarn time has become abruptly limited again–not complaining, just saying–and find that watching these shows with needles in hand after a day at the computer and zooming with colleagues is wonderful.
    Knitting my husband a cabled pullover in wool and loving it–cables rock!

  2. Helen Fisher

    More patterns please!!!! Helen and her sister both wear wonderful knitted “jumpers”. Please send more patterns.

  3. Chris

    Hi! Love the show, and share your enthusiasm for the vests. Just wish there were some cute patterns for women. I’ve searched Ravelry, and the ones I’ve found are just too busy. I’d like a simple v-neck with maybe a cable down the center to wear over t-shirts.


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