Better Late Than Never

It’s been a week.  Between the kid teething, skipping naps, starting potty training, and generally stretching his “toddler” legs, I’m exhausted.  I had plans to rip back my Stonecroft Shawl and get it finished, but I just couldn’t get it together.

Instead, I pulled out a project that hasn’t been touched in literally years.  I busted out my spinning wheel.

(To be fair, the spinning wheel sees a lot of action when we have playdates- there’s nothing toddlers loves more than large, slightly dangerous machinery, especially if there’s a wheel involved.)

I pulled out the roving I purchased and started spinning in (Are you ready?) 2016!  That’s 4 years ago.  I got two-thirds of the way through the roving (and it wasn’t a big chunk of roving either!) and just stopped.  I couldn’t tell you why- must have just gotten bored or something.

Anyway, I pulled it out again, and got spinning.  It’s looking good, I think, and the actual spinning seems to be coming back faster than I expected.  I guess it’s like riding a bike!


I’ll be curious to see what the yarn looks like when I’m done (since I don’t really have a plan for it), and if I can see a difference between the freshly-spun yarn and the sitting-on-the-shelf-since-the-Obama-administration yarn.

What projects have you resurrected after a long hibernation?

2 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never

  1. heraldkiara

    I’m pulling out socks that I started in 2015! I never finished them because I realized I wouldn’t have enough yarn to complete both socks. The yarn was ordered from China via AliExpress (great source of inexpensive sock yarn as long as you’re open to fiber content surprises…once I ordered “cotton blend” and it turned out the cotton was blended with CASHMERE!). While I ordered another ball, it took two months to get to me. By then, I was in the process of moving and the socks were definitely on the back burner. Since it was also my first attempt at knitting socks, I was nervous about picking them back up after so long, but didn’t want to totally frog something I’d already gotten so far into. Just this month, I finally finished my first pair of socks! Since these wound up being functional socks (huge, but hey–learning is a process), I now feel ready to tackle the 2015 socks, again. They are going to be my next project after I finish the hat I’m working on, this week.

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