Good news/bad news

So, I’ve got good news and bad news about my shawl.

Good news: I’ve made it almost to the end.  I finally decided to stop adding repeats and start the border.  It’s a nice size, and I love how the pattern looks all worked up in this yarn.  I think it’s going to look even more fabulous when I’ve blocked it out.IMG_2611

Other good news: The border is looking good.  I love the way the faux-cable ends so crisply and the border takes over.


Still more good news: I really enjoyed the stretchy bind-off the pattern calls for.  It looks a bit messy now, but I think it’ll block up like a dream.  I’m going to keep it in mind for future projects.


And here’s the bad news:  I totally lost at yarn chicken.  And, since this is the only skein I have of this yarn, I can’t just grab a couple yards of yarn from somewhere else.  So I’ve got two options:  undo the bind-off and the last couple rows and re-knit an even narrower border. (The border is already more narrow than called for in the pattern because I procrastinated starting the border in the first place.)  Or, I can rip all the way back to the body of the shawl, remove the last faux-cable repeat, and start the whole border earlier, make it wider and (hopefully) not run out of yarn before I’m ready.  I’m not super stoked about either choice.


What would you do?

7 thoughts on “Good news/bad news

  1. heraldkiara

    I’m for the searching for an extra skein option. Alternately, I’d acquire a skein of the same weight in a slightly lighter shade of grey and continue with that. It would be an intentional (*cough*) ombre effect.

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  3. Coralee Wenzel

    I like both of the other suggested options, especially the *cough* 🙂 If neither one is successful, I would rip back for a more narrow border…..patterns are only suggestions on how to complete a project 🙂 Yours would be a custom piece! ❤ Let us know what you decide.

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