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Inspiration: Games!

I’m so excited, guys!  It’s vacation time!

Every year, for the last 5 or 6 years (I’ve lost count), a big group of friends from college (plus some spouses, siblings, and childhood friends) and I have been getting together around Labor Day weekend for good food, good beer, and lots and lots of board games and video games.  It started as a yearly visit to Seattle’s big gaming convention, PAX, but starting last year, we now go on a real vacation!  Last year was Yellowstone, and this year is Tybee Island, Georgia (yay, beach!)

It’s always a blast- everyone lives so far apart these days that it’s great to make a point to get together each year.

And we always get to play a bunch of great games.

Carcassone was one of the first “cool” board games I remember playing, starting in high school (OK, “Cool” might not be the right word, but it’s certainly better than Monopoly.)  The little “Meeple” pieces included with the game are totally iconic… maybe I should make a set of these coasters to keep our games dry while we play.

Meeple Coasters by Ambie ValdesSometimes we even have a “quick” game of D&D (or something similar).  Usually that starts after I go to bed, though… I need my beauty sleep, and everybody else drinks way too much Diet Coke.

I love these dice bags- the Hobbit-inspired monograms are a perfect detail!

Good, Good Dice Bags by Jinger RoyAnd, while we’ve never played checkers at one of our get-togethers, I bet if I brought a set that was this cute, I could find someone to play a round or two.

Sheepy Draughts… and a Wolf Too by Aurelie ColasDo you like playing board games?  What’s your favorite?

OK… We’re Back On Track

Guys.  I’ll be honest.  That shawl sat on the coffee table all weekend.  Un-ripped, and un-fixed.

Until last night, when I took a good hour (AN HOUR) to undo all the bound-off stitches, as well as a whole row of knitting.  One word: Heartbreaking.

But, I’m back this morning, ready to go.  This time I’m sure I’ve got enough yarn, and I’ve got a cool new plan.

Instead of a plain-old smooth bind off, I’m gonna go fancy.  I’m making a picot edge on this bad boy.  Because why not!?

To start, I knit 2 stitches, and bound off 1 (so just 1 stitch remained on my needle).  (Also, I’m using a larger sized needle to do the binding off, that way I don’t have to worry about my tension getting too tight.)Then I slipped that stitch back over to the left hand needle.Then I used a Knitted Cast On to cast on two more stitches.Then I bound off 7 stitches (the 2 that I just cast on will form the little picot bump, and the other 5 are the space between bumps- if you want your bumps closer or farther apart, change the number of stitches you bind off each time).Then I kept going, slipping the 7th stitch to the left hand needle, casting on 2 stitches, and binding off 7…Until a super-cute picot edge started to form.Now I just have to make it all the way across this danged shawl!  I need a good podcast and a big cup of coffee.

Wish me luck!

Have you ever added a picot edge to any of your projects?

Well… Crap.

I played Yarn Chicken with my Moon River Shawl.

And I lost (super, super hard).I decided that before I started in earnest on my Papaya Sweater, I’d finish off my Moon River Shawl.  After all, I only have to bind off, block it and I’d be done!

Of course, I underestimated the sheer length of the rows on this thing… That’s the worst part about making half-circle shawls.  They start all cute and fun, only a handful of stitches each row, then before you know it: BAM! 400 stitches per row.  You can never budget enough yarn for that!

Or at least I can’t.

Either way, I spent the morning yesterday (about three hours) carefully binding off, only to make it about three-quarters of the way across the last row before completely running out of yarn.I thought about doing something fancy to make up the difference- buying more yarn (but I’ve lost the label, so I don’t know the colorway), or knitting with a similar yarn (but I don’t have anything similar enough in my stash), or even binding off in a contrasting color (but that would entail ripping out the bind off anyway).  Ugh!

I think I have to rip out the bind off, and rip out the row before it, too.  That should get me enough yarn to make it all the way across.


At least Ollie seems sympathetic.  Sigh…When have you lost Yarn Chicken?  What did you end up doing to save your project?