Well… Crap.

I played Yarn Chicken with my Moon River Shawl.

And I lost (super, super hard).I decided that before I started in earnest on my Papaya Sweater, I’d finish off my Moon River Shawl.  After all, I only have to bind off, block it and I’d be done!

Of course, I underestimated the sheer length of the rows on this thing… That’s the worst part about making half-circle shawls.  They start all cute and fun, only a handful of stitches each row, then before you know it: BAM! 400 stitches per row.  You can never budget enough yarn for that!

Or at least I can’t.

Either way, I spent the morning yesterday (about three hours) carefully binding off, only to make it about three-quarters of the way across the last row before completely running out of yarn.I thought about doing something fancy to make up the difference- buying more yarn (but I’ve lost the label, so I don’t know the colorway), or knitting with a similar yarn (but I don’t have anything similar enough in my stash), or even binding off in a contrasting color (but that would entail ripping out the bind off anyway).  Ugh!

I think I have to rip out the bind off, and rip out the row before it, too.  That should get me enough yarn to make it all the way across.


At least Ollie seems sympathetic.  Sigh…When have you lost Yarn Chicken?  What did you end up doing to save your project?

6 thoughts on “Well… Crap.

  1. madgeface

    Losing a game of yarn chicken is never fun. I have to leave some projects a few days (or weeks) before I can face them again, usually because I want the FO more than I want to avoid whatever arduous task is left to finish it. Good luck!

  2. Debra Perli

    I am known for being very organized and as such put all new yarn on to stash in Ravelry before I put it away. Then I always know dye lots and names. Just sayin.

  3. Sue

    Argh. Just argh. Lost this battle myself once.
    First choice: try to find a good enough match to finish it off, whether online or at LYS. Most won’t notice the difference anyways.
    2nd: the rip back. If ya gotta, ya gotta.
    Sorry this happened.

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