Inspiration: Games!

I’m so excited, guys!  It’s vacation time!

Every year, for the last 5 or 6 years (I’ve lost count), a big group of friends from college (plus some spouses, siblings, and childhood friends) and I have been getting together around Labor Day weekend for good food, good beer, and lots and lots of board games and video games.  It started as a yearly visit to Seattle’s big gaming convention, PAX, but starting last year, we now go on a real vacation!  Last year was Yellowstone, and this year is Tybee Island, Georgia (yay, beach!)

It’s always a blast- everyone lives so far apart these days that it’s great to make a point to get together each year.

And we always get to play a bunch of great games.

Carcassone was one of the first “cool” board games I remember playing, starting in high school (OK, “Cool” might not be the right word, but it’s certainly better than Monopoly.)  The little “Meeple” pieces included with the game are totally iconic… maybe I should make a set of these coasters to keep our games dry while we play.

Meeple Coasters by Ambie ValdesSometimes we even have a “quick” game of D&D (or something similar).  Usually that starts after I go to bed, though… I need my beauty sleep, and everybody else drinks way too much Diet Coke.

I love these dice bags- the Hobbit-inspired monograms are a perfect detail!

Good, Good Dice Bags by Jinger RoyAnd, while we’ve never played checkers at one of our get-togethers, I bet if I brought a set that was this cute, I could find someone to play a round or two.

Sheepy Draughts… and a Wolf Too by Aurelie ColasDo you like playing board games?  What’s your favorite?

1 thought on “Inspiration: Games!

  1. Sue

    Jealous! I love Tybee!
    A friend used to live in Savannah (just down the road from Bonaventure Cemetery) and she graciously allowed me to visit many times. We stayed on Tybee itself once. Excellent beaches, lovely people, and all-around wonderful.
    If you get the chance, The Crab Shack for lunch or dinner (or both, as we did several times) is always fun and the food is fantastic! This is where I learned to shuck steamed oysters (a handy skill, rewarded with the delicious prize) And spent many an hour basking in the gentle breezes and laid-back atmosphere.
    Hoping Irma hasn’t curtailed your plans and you come away with as deep a love,and admiration for the Low Country as I have. 🙂
    Oh, and board games? Clue is a favorite. 🙂


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