Poor Pupper

And poor us!

I’m sorry guys, but I just don’t have the energy to write out the post I had planned.  I was going to finish planning out my Papaya Sweater, it was going to be a beautiful design, and the post was going to be funny and insightful and well-written.

But, my dog had other plans.He might be cute, but he’s a weapon of mass insomnia under all that fuzz.

I don’t know what he got into this weekend, but the poor guy was up all night with, lets just say, “gastrointestinal distress.”  He got us up every hour to go outside (or to not quite make it outside).  So gross and frustrating!!

And he did the same thing on Saturday night, too!  Of course, during the day, he’s been acting perfectly fine- no GI issues, acting normally, eating his normal dinner, and happy to bark at passers-by and go on walks. So who knows what’s going on!

Maybe he picked up a bug, or maybe he ate something he shouldn’t have (that’s probably it- he’s got a bad habit of that, but then again he’s a dog).  If he doesn’t recover soon (or goes off his food/gets lethargic) we’ll head over to the vet, but fingers crossed, we won’t have to!

He’s ridiculous, and I need a nap!

5 thoughts on “Poor Pupper

  1. knitonepugtwo

    I almost feel like it’s going around! We took the chug in after a week of diahreah and lethargy and one vomit session… And she happily licked the vet and jumped around, all fine and dandy. Still got charged. I told the tech they ought to have a reward card and every Thousand we get a free anal sack squeezing!
    Hope your baby feels better soon!

  2. Michelle

    I have a dog with a fussy tummy, after some research I found canned pumpkin was very helpful. Now if there is upset tummy I give her 2 heaping spoonfuls with dinner. For more persistent issues she goes on a diet of boiled chicken, brown rice, Greek plain yogurt and canned pumpkin, mixed in equal portions, for a couple of days ( I make a batch and refrigerate). This approach has kept us out of the vets and her with a happy tummy.


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