On the Nettles

You know what I love more than knitting?  Weeding.  Weeding is the best!  There’s nothing better than spending hours bending over, ripping up weeds by their roots and getting all sore and muddy (because it never stops raining in Seattle).

In fact, I love weeding so much, I think I might stop writing about knitting, and turn On the Needles into On the Nettles, a blog about weeds and weeding.

I can talk about dandelions!  They’ve taken over my entire yard- and all different varieties: short ones, tall ones, fat ones and spindly ones.  They’ve all got stupid yellow flowers and make me sneeze.  There’s nothing more satisfying than ripping up a dandelion, and getting a big ‘ol taproot with it.  Kill all dandelions!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd, I live in Seattle, so my yard is has more moss in it than grass.  It makes for a lovely, springy lawn, perfect for walking on with bare feet- provided you don’t mind getting your toes wet and muddy.  The only problem with moss is that it goes dormant when it doesn’t rain, so my lovely, lush lawn turns into a crispy brown wasteland the moment summer hits.  Dumb moss.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAClover is supposed to be lucky.  Well then, I must be the luckiest girl on the west coast!  The clover usually keeps to my flower beds, but recently it has been sneaking out into the yard.  This one is a pain to pull up, and I can never get the roots out.  Not my favorite.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd, I can’t forget the purple beauty of my lawn’s weed collection!  (Especially on this, the first installment of On the Nettles.)  It’s Lamium purpureum, or the purple dead-nettle.  It’s got a super-cool punk-rock name, but it’s just a dumb little purple flower.  It has suddenly appeared all over my yard in the last three weeks.  It’s a pain.

(April fools!  I’m not actually going to change On the Needles into a weeding blog, because that is a crazy person idea.  But did I get you?  Haha!)

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