Pattern: Magnolia Sweater

What’s that?  A new pattern?  In a new KnitPicks collection?  Ooh boy!

This collection is just in time for spring! And it might be my most favorite collection ever!  It’s dreamy, light, and feminine but somehow not too”girly.”  The sky outside my studio window is blue and I can see tulips blooming in my yard.  It’s all too perfect.

These 16 gorgeous garments is collected in KnitPick’s newest book, Aura!

75230DI’m loving the openwork cardigan, Solana, from the cover.

75230D113And I’ve never been tempted to make a knitted t-shirt, but this Rippling Top is to die for.75230D128And I am just in love with this light-as-a-feather Muse Top.  Sigh.75230D119Oh!  I almost forgot to show you the pattern that I made, I’m so enchanted by the other patterns!

It’s the Magnolia Pullover!75230D101It’s a slightly over-sized sweater, meant to be loose at the bust and upper arms, but well-fitted at the waist and cuffs.  Knit in super-soft Stroll Sock and Stroll Glimmer (The back is glittery!  I know! Exciting!), this sweater is super comfy, but light enough for sunny spring days.  (I made mine in black, and it looks super cute with a bright colored shirt underneath.  Just sayin’.)

75230D102Do you want this collection?  (Yes, you do.)  Comment below with your favorite Aura pattern, or your favorite springtime activity for a chance to win a copy!  I’ll be holding the drawing next week!

40 thoughts on “Pattern: Magnolia Sweater

  1. Janny

    Oh man, I love so many of the patterns, it’s hard to choose one! I love the idea of Magnolia in black or grey with a bright shirt underneath. Catamaran was the pattern that sucked me into looking at the rest of the patterns. Almost all of the tees, because summer! And lace! I love all the lace in these pieces! And I would modify Travertine to have a solid square on one side, V on the other so I could wear it 2 ways! Oh man, I gotta finish up some wips!

  2. Maemi

    The collection is so lovely! The Magnolia pullover and Solana cardigan are my favorites. I love your idea of wearing a contrast color inside. Peeking through the pretty lacework.

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  4. Melissa Bell

    Lovely! I want to make them all. I enjoy knitting in the spring time just as much as I do in the winter! I love the change from plush, bulky garments and accessories in fall and winter to light, airy fabrics with texture in the spring.

  5. Melissa Bell

    Lovely! I want to make them all! I love knitting In the spring as much as I do in the winter. I look forward to a change from plush, bulky garments and accessories to light, airy ones in the spring.

  6. Stephanie

    The Magnolia Pullover is my new favorite! (Although I really can’t get over the wip ornaments) I’ll be headed to the yarn store this week so I can make it!
    My favorite Spring activity is going on walks and bike rides with the family!

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  8. Claudia

    They’re all so pretty! But either Catamaran or Trellis Vines, I’m really feeling the urge to knit something in the accessory department…


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