I’m Stricken

Stricken with that dreaded Second Sock Syndrome!

I’ve managed to avoid it for years.  All my pairs of socks have been either completed finished or completely frogged (except for those socks in Mardi Gras colors that I stopped working on because I realized I would never wear socks in Mardi Gras colors, and really, who would dye yarn in those colors.  Honestly.)

But, I can no longer say that I am unaffected by Second Sock Syndrome.  Observe:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne sock, perfectly completed (in less than a week, mind you). Bound off, ends woven in, ready for blocking.  Look at that lovely shade of hand-dyed blue.   The yarn is beautiful and squishy.   It’s delightful!  And I’ve already done the toe on the second sock.  The fiddly part is done.  Now I just need to knit.

Unfortunately, I started the second sock almost a month ago.  While it’s been sitting in my WIP pile, instead of working on the sock, I have completed:

What has to happen to make me finish these socks?  I want to wear them… I want them to be finished… I just don’t want to pick up the needles and work on them.  Ugh!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat do you do when you’ve got a wicked case of Second Sock Syndrome?

6 thoughts on “I’m Stricken

  1. lissymail

    🙂 Maybe take the sock with you for times when you will be SOOOO bored that you will just wish for anything fiber-y; and then, you will be forced to finish it bit by bit!

  2. Sue

    Oy! I feel your angst!
    Yes, always have it with you–in the car, in your carry-all, whatever. For those times when you can do nothing else. This is how I managed to knit 12 wee red beanies in a record time (for me), about 3weeks. At work, as a telemarketer. While the other end of the line rang and rang, and I left hundreds of voicemails. Those small bits of time add up in stitches.

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