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Not just knitting!

Of course knitting is my One True Love, but sometimes… sometimes I get itchy fingers and have to break out my sewing machine, my embroidery hoop, or my crochet hook.  It’s not that I don’t love knitting.  It’s that sometimes I need something… else.

And this time, it was my crochet hook.

I had a pile of Knit Picks Biggo in several random colors (leftover from making some Human Beans).  Not enough to make a sweater, or even a really satisfying scarf.

But I did have my giant (size N crochet hook) and a crochet stitch that my mother-in-law taught me over Christmas break (she was making a huge, gorgeous afghan for a friend’s wedding).

The stitch, called the “Woven Stitch” looks a lot like the knit “Linen Stitch,” except that it’s crocheted.  Which means it goes way faster.


All you do is chain 1, single crochet 1, across, making sure your sc’s go into the ch1 space of the row before.  Over and over again.  So easy!

And the fabric made with the super-chunky Biggo was thick and warm and cozy.  Such a fun little break from my every-day knitting.

I think I’m in love!

What do you do wen you need a break from your usual crafting routine?

(And, don’t forget!  Two more days before the drawing for the Twist &Tweed giveaway!)

Inspiration: Bates Motel

I’ve been churning through several feet of stockinette over the last couple weeks, and you know what that means: binge-watching Netflix.

I had finished most of the shows I had been working on, so I had to find a new show to watch.  Preferably one with sweaters.  Lots of sweaters.

Enter: Bates Motel.  A show from A&E, it’s a sort-of prequel/reboot/bizarro version of Psycho (the Hitchcock movie).  It’s actually really good, or at least I enjoyed it.  Lots of twists and turns and intrigue (and murder… and drugs… and taxidermy).

It’s based in modern-day, but the costumes have a very fifties-feel.  Which, for Norman Bates, means sweaters.

Bates-Motel-season-2[1]Lots of sweaters.

5423d7f957094809d841b0040b7755ad[1]Norman’s sweater game is on point.

13-emma-and-norman-study-the-manga[1]Even though he is a (maybe) insane murderer, and definitely creepy weirdo, I kind of want to copy his sweater action.

Want to make yourself a Norman Bates sweater, too? Try one of these vintage-y Fair Isle creations:

Fair Isle V-necked Jumper by Shetland Museum Textile Archives

8245318946_605ef2271e_z[1]Ovaltinie by Patricia Roberts

My_homemade_sweaters_037_medium2[1]South Atlantic by Rita C Taylor_SMM3462_cover_medium2[1](And, don’t forget to enter your name for a free copy of Twist & Tweed!)

Free! Free! Free!

So, you know my new pattern (the Ballard Pullover)?  It’s not being published on it’s own.  It’s part of a fantastic collection of gorgeous, autumnal knits.  Twist and Tweed!  Here’s what you’ll find inside:

Amazing cables! Cables! Cables!

75206D120[1]Tweed and heathers!

75206D110[1]And more (freaking amazing) cables!75206D115[1]Holy cow, are my fingers itching to start knitting up these projects.  Do you think I could finish that dress by the time fall rolls around if I start now and skip stuff like going to work and sleeping?   Maybe.

Are your fingers itching to cast on, too?  Well, today’s your lucky day!  I’m giving away two (count ’em, two!) copies of Twist and Tweed– one e-book and one paper book– to two lucky readers!

Want to enter? Just comment below with your favorite autumnal activity!  I can’t wait to read all about apple picking and cozy blankets and imagine that I’m back in autumn!