Pattern: Human Beans (And a giveaway!)

Hello Knitters!  I’ve got exciting news!

Another of my patterns was just published in the newest KnitPicks toys collection!

I love tiny things, and this collection really scratched that itch.  All the patterns come in Large, Medium, and Itty-Bitty.  So, of course the book is called Cute, Cuter, Cutest: Knit Toys to Love in 3 Sizes!

32673[1]There are some fantastic patterns in the book.  I love the raccoons, especially.  And the dinosaurs are too freaking cute!  (I mean, come on.  Who doesn’t like multi-colored dinosaurs?)

32673103[1]But, I have to toot my own horn a bit, here.  I am just in love with my little Human Beans!

32673101[1]They’re a family of fully-customizable little dolls in three sizes.  The pattern gives instructions on making any outfit you like- long sleeves, short sleeves, pants, skirts, or shorts.  And the tops can be stripey or decorated with a heart or star emblem.  I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out!

32673102[1]Do you want a copy of Cute, Cuter, Cutest: Knit Toys to Love in 3 Sizes? (Yes, you do.)  Post below and tell me about your favorite childhood toy to enter a drawing for a free copy of the book!  (I’ll pick a winner next Friday, so don’t wait!)

64 thoughts on “Pattern: Human Beans (And a giveaway!)

  1. Amanda Best

    I had a crocheted man with Green overalls and his name is very creatively “Mr. Green Jeans”. I still have the man, but unfortunately the overalls disappeared some time ago. This book looks precious, I would love to win it, thank you for the chance!

  2. Helen Yu

    I received my first and only doll in 3rd grade. I started dressing her immediately, using my mom’s scrap fabric and odd ball yarn. She remained a major outlet for my creativity for many more years and my favorite toy from childhood. She is still in my parents’ house and dressed in a sweater I knitted for her 🙂

  3. Josie primavera

    I remembered last night I used to make my own version of raggedy Anne dolls……I made different dresses and one in particular was a patchwork material dress…at the time we had a mom/pop small market and I would sell them just for the cost of my supplies….there was one girl about 6or 7 years of age and she just loved that particular doll with that different material…her aunt came in my store and we got to talking and she sd she didn’t know what to give her niece for Christmas..I told her she really likes this doll…well long story is her mom cd me early Christmas morning and sd oh she just loved her doll…it made me cry…last year I saw this girl she is in her forties now and the first thing she sd to me was I still have my doll and sent me a pic…..that made my day….

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