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Free! Free! Free!

So, you know my new pattern (the Ballard Pullover)?  It’s not being published on it’s own.  It’s part of a fantastic collection of gorgeous, autumnal knits.  Twist and Tweed!  Here’s what you’ll find inside:

Amazing cables! Cables! Cables!

75206D120[1]Tweed and heathers!

75206D110[1]And more (freaking amazing) cables!75206D115[1]Holy cow, are my fingers itching to start knitting up these projects.  Do you think I could finish that dress by the time fall rolls around if I start now and skip stuff like going to work and sleeping?   Maybe.

Are your fingers itching to cast on, too?  Well, today’s your lucky day!  I’m giving away two (count ’em, two!) copies of Twist and Tweed– one e-book and one paper book– to two lucky readers!

Want to enter? Just comment below with your favorite autumnal activity!  I can’t wait to read all about apple picking and cozy blankets and imagine that I’m back in autumn!

Pattern: The Ballard Pullover

I’m so excited!  I finally get to share one of the patterns I’ve been working on!  And it might be my absolute favorite!

Here it is, the Ballard Pullover:

51910220_7Oooh, aah!

The Ballard Pullover is inspired by (ahem) Ballard, my favorite neighborhood in Seattle.  Ballard was historically a very working-class neighborhood, full of Scandinavian fishermen and boat hands.  But, in the last couple years it has become the newest cool neighborhood in Seattle to find fantastic tapas, a vintage records, and hand-made jewelry.  I think this pullover captures that feeling: traditional comfort with a slightly modern edge.  It’s an updated version of the traditional Fisherman’s Sweater.

51910220_12Knit seamlessly from the bottom up, the sweater is knit in a fantastic squishy texture  that looks and feels great, and make this sweater ultra-warm and cozy.  Generous panels of cabling on the underarms and sides flow smoothly into the raglan shaping of the shoulders.

51910220_14This quickly became my favorite sweater (which killed me, because I couldn’t show it to you guys for months!), and I’m sure it will become yours, too!

You can find the pattern here:

Ballard Pullover