What should I be reading?

I have a confession to make.

I am a (clearly) avid blogger- I’ve consistently written three posts a week for the last two and half years.  I like the idea of blogs, and I think they’re totally worthwhile and can be amazing.

But (and here is the confession), I haven’t consistently read any knitting blogs (or any blogs, really) since I started On the Needles.

I know!  Heresy!

Back in the day, and several computers ago, I had a whole list of a dozen or more blogs that I’d check nearly every day.

Now, I can’t remember their names.  And the ones I do remember seem to have lapsed.

Through the Loops has changed its name, and hasn’t been updated since May.ThroughTheLoops-Logo[1]The Mason-Dixon Knitting ladies haven’t posted since February.511RlvWDFBL[1]And, the Purl Bee has completely changed- It looks like an online store now.

header-sticky-logoTell me that there are still good knitting blogs out there.  I know there has to be, but where are they?  What should I be reading?  I need to up my blog-reading game.

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