Inspiration: Wet Puppies and Lots of Towels

Sunday was a big day for our little puppy.  We spent the morning at the dog park (which is completely hilarious.  Seriously-if you haven’t visited a dog park, what are you waiting for!)

He rolled around in the mud, got wood chips embedded in his fur and was slobbered on by the bigger dogs.  He was a very tired, and very dirty pup when he got home.

WP_20150426_005So, it was time for a bath!  Believe it or not, this little rat-dog is the same one as my ball of fluff.

V__1318A couple hours and a half-dozen towels later, Ollie is all dry, happy and fluffier than ever.  (He even smells nice!)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo, how does this tie into knitting?  Well, it looks like I need more towels- big, absorbent, and sturdy.  So, I’ve got to get going on knitting up some new dog towels.

French Stripe Tea Towel by Megan Delorme

101_4005_medium2[2]Dishtowel #70331AD (knit) by Lion Brand Yarn

70331ada_medium2[1]Harlekinshåndklæder by TichTach

dscf2895_medium2[1]If I work up all these towels, maybe we’ll be able to keep Ollie a little cleaner-even in the always-damp PNW.

What practical projects do you like to work on?

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