Inspiration: Grantchester

Have you been watching Grantchester on Masterpiece Mystery?  On my PBS station, it’s been airing at 10:30 on Sunday nights (after Downton Abbey and after the horrifyingly bad Downton wrap-up show), in what is possibly the worst time slot available.

Despite that, it’s a really good show.  (And available to watch online.)  It’s a fairly standard, slightly dark, amateur-detective show (one of my favorite genres), set in the charming British countryside, where a charming country vicar and a slightly-less-charming-but-still-quite-charming police detective team up to work together to solve the surprisingly high number of murders that happen in their sleepy little village.

But, like with most period dramas on PBS, my favorite part are the costumes.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to wear dresses like these:

Bz0BRLOIMAAa8oX[1]Totally gorgeous!

And, I have to say, the knitting game for this show is simply top-notch.

Example 1: A fantastic crochet bed jacket.

Grantchester-S1-E3-Slideshow-BTS-04-scale-690x390[1]Example 2: A gorgeous graphic-knit cardigan.

Grantchester-Scene-Icons-Episode-1[1]Example 3: Not one, but two beautiful (and practical) cardigans.  I particularly love the geometric trim on the one on the right.

Grantchester-2014-imagini-4[2]This show makes me want to start on a new cardigan of my own.

This one is sort of 50s-by-way-of-80s, with a pretty lacy pattern.

Poppy by Patons

Poppy_Cardigan_medium[1]And this one is totally sharp.  I love the pinstripes and mitered corners.  Very cool.

Jasper by Louisa Harding

3978086382_1d8e60c1d8_z[1]Do you have a favorite decade of fashion?

2 thoughts on “Inspiration: Grantchester

  1. madeye2

    I was wondering if you were watching Granchester? I thought you would like it. I had been noticing all the awesome knit wear also.


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