Buttons! (Again!)

Like any good crafter, I love buttons.

After I wrote (in too much detail) about how much I love buttons, I received a mystery box from my grandmother.  And, I bet you can’t guess what was inside.


Hundreds and hundreds of buttons in every color, size, shape and material.  From every decade of the last 60 years.  They’re kind of amazing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese tiny blue buttons were held together on a great big gold safety pin.  The picture doesn’t do them justice; they’re shiny and perfect, and the prettiest shade of periwinkle.  And I think they’re going to have to end up on a baby sweater.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese tiny little rhinestone buttons were kept safe in their own little manilla envelope, away from the others.  I don’t know their back-story, but I can tell they’re very old, and deserve to be kept safe until I can find something really special to put them on.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese pretty 1-inch buttons are a super cool.  They’re resin (or something like that) that has been cast into layers, then carved out into the shape of flowers.  I think Mom said they were from 1976 (although she could have been talking about the other red, white, and blue buttons) when everything turned all patriotic for the Bicentennial.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese are actually buttons!  They are some sort of plastic, and about 2 inches across.  My mom thinks they were originally on one of my great-aunt’s dresses back in the fifties.  I think they are super weird and super fantastic.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere are so many more gorgeous buttons!  I can’t wait to find things to do with them.  From now on, everything I knit is going to end up covered with dozens of buttons.  I can’t wait!

Do you have a favorite button?  Do you have a button jar?

12 thoughts on “Buttons! (Again!)

  1. FogKnits

    “Like” doesn’t even begin to cover it! I’m a button fanatic too! I’ve also got a great collection handed down over the years! It’s so much fun to find the perfect use for all the different buttons! I love all of yours…can’t wait to see what they become!

  2. salpal1

    I love buttons, and have a small collection – but it is growing, thanks to Etsy – have you looked on there for buttons? oh my goodness – there are so many, and some are even affordable. 🙂
    I just finished a cardigan and used some buttons my grandmother gave me – some sort of bronze-ish metal with a shiny silver (mirror-like) behind the filigree – they are justperfect for my lacy sweater. 🙂 I do love old buttons. I also have a hat pattern I have knit many of that calls for one big beautiful button. Lots of times on that one, I will use a nice handmade button – a local quarry makes them out of granite, and a local glassmaker makes them out of lampwork glass – I can’t stop knitting the hats, the buttons are so great!

  3. chrisknits

    I adore buttons!!! I have some from my grandmother and aunt that I keep in jars for display. Maybe some day I might even use one. And for some reason I seem to gravitate towards the most expensive buttons on the wall!

  4. Sue

    I love buttons, too! Always loved going thru Gram’ s button box!
    I wonder if some of the plastic-type one’s might be bakelight, a very popular material used in costume jewelry in the 40’s and 50’s. Jyst a thought!

  5. Donna

    Lucky you!! What a great surprise!! When I’m thrifting I’ll buy an old sweater or jacket just for the buttons. You can never have to many can you ☺️

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