Prince George

Oh my goodness, have you guys seen Prince George’s adorable little Christmas sweater?  It’s freaking too cute to handle.   Look at those chubby cheeks (and Christmas shorts?  The British are odd). (Thanks to my friend Jenny for sending me his picture!)

_79710177_princegeorge2[1]Apparently you can’t buy the the royal sweater vest, but we’re knitters.  We don’t need to buy sweaters like common folks (or like the Duchess of Cambridge).  Let’s take a look at the sweater originally from Cath Kidston.

sweater16n-3-web[1]It’s pretty simple,  right?  Just a standard stockinette sweater vest with teeny tiny palace guards on the bottom. If you wanted to make one, just start with a simple vest pattern in navy blue:

Baby’s Banded Sweater Vest by Lisa K. Ross

DSC_0055__2__medium2[1]And work the little palace guards along the bottom.  You could work them with intarsia, or if you wanted to make it even easier on yourself, why not use the duplicate stitch?

I’ve even worked up some palace guard charts, as a Christmas present for you!  (Click the picture for a larger version

Prince George Sweater ChartNow you can make a sweater for your little prince, too!

4 thoughts on “Prince George

  1. Lorna

    Thank you SOOO much for the chart. I knit for a local hospice and have already been asked for these tops. You really have made my day. It’s January and our postie just delivered the mail-he was wearing shorts and only 2 days ago we had snow! Build them tough over here.

    1. onemilljellybeans Post author

      When I was a kid, my family lived in Colchester for a couple years. There was a kid in my class that always wore shorts, and he’d get chilblains on his knees in the wintertime. I always wondered why his folks never let him wear pants, but I guess it’s just a cultural thing.

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