Pattern: Phoenix Pouch

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA perfect pouch to put things in, decorated with Professor Dumbledore’s familiar, Fawkes the phoenix. This little drawstring pouch is of a size to house a deck of cards, a small camera, or a handful of Bernie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans. Originally designed for a Harry Potter-themed gift exchange, the Phoenix Pouch would be well received by Potterheads, or anyone else who loves a good fiery bird.

Knit from the top down, the construction of the Phoenix Pouch is very simple. A row of eyelets allow the addition of a drawstring. The suggested I-cord drawstring may be substituted for a ribbon, if you so choose. The Phoenix is created through Fair Isle knitting following the included chart.

Get the pattern here for free!

Phoenix Pouch

12 thoughts on “Pattern: Phoenix Pouch

  1. Caroline

    I am a beginning knitter and I have the book Charmed Knits by Alison Hansel. I saw in one of your previous posts that you have made the Weasley sweater from the book. I want to make the sweater as well, but I’m confused about shaping the neck opening. I was wondering if you could give me some pointers?

      1. Caroline

        Once I get to shaping the neck on the front piece it says I should knit 45, then slip the last 16 sts worked onto a stitch holder for center neck and then knit another 29. I don’t really understand what that is suppose to look like. Then it says to work the right shoulder sts only, and it seems that those stitches are supposed to be the last 29 I knitted, so then what happens to the other 29 stitches that aren’t on the holder for the neck? Do I put those on a stitch holder too? I hope that actually made sense. This is going to be my first sweater and I don’t want to mess up. Thank you for the help!

      2. onemilljellybeans Post author

        Gotcha! Yeah, that bit is written a little confusingly. What she means is that the left shoulder (the first 29 stitches) stay on your needle. The neck (the middle 16 stitches) go onto a stitch holder. The right shoulder (the last 29 stitches) stay on your needles, too.

        Then, you’ll work only the right shoulder stitches as written in her project, ignoring the left shoulder stitches. When you finish the right shoulder, you’ll break your yarn and rejoin it at the neck edge of the left shoulder. You’ll then work the left shoulder as written.

        Does that make sense? If you don’t like having the left shoulder stitches just hanging out on the needle, you could totally put those 29 stitches on a second stitch holder, if that’s easier for you.

        Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with!

  2. Addie Calvitt

    I love this pouch and plan to knit one very soon! One question I have is for the instruction “(move marker, ssk) around.” Is the entire row done in ssk? Or is it move marker, ssk, knit to next marker?

    Thank you!


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