Coffee Sweater

coffee sleeve

Keep your coffee comfy and cozy with this cup-sized sweater! If you’re as caffeine-addicted as I am, you know how important it is to keep your coffee nice and hot, while avoiding burning your fingers.  This coffee cup sleeve is super-fast to knit up, and the addition of a few simple cables will keep the attention of even the most caffeine-addled knitters. Since it’s a small project worked with worsted-weight yarn, you can make several from a single skein of yarn, making the Coffee Sweater a great pattern for gift knitting.

Get the pattern here:

Coffee Sweater

2 thoughts on “Coffee Sweater

  1. Wendy

    These are not only great for hot coffee but I also use them for iced coffee like the big ones you can get at Starbucks. I love iced lattes but hate cold or wet hands from holding the cold and usually condensation covered cup. This will keep your hands dry! Thanks for this great pattern. I’ve been looking for a new pattern to help change up my coffee cozy stash! 🙂


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