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Smashing the Patriarchy, One Stitch at a Time

You guys.

Last weekend.

Holy cow.

Last Friday was my birthday, so my husband and I had planned to visit friends in Los Angeles for the weekend.  (Mostly because I knew I’d get depressed when you-know-who was sworn into office, and you can’t really be depressed when it’s warm, sunny, and you get to eat lots of great food with your friends.)  When we made our plans, we didn’t know about the marches planned for Saturday.  But, when we did find out about them, we all immediately knew my birthday weekend wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of civil disobedience.

And knitting. (Natch.)

We talked about the Pussyhat Project last week, and it certainly seems like we weren’t the only ones.  Look at this picture I found on their website- Look at that sea of pink hats at the DC march!  Amazing!14851386614901In LA, there weren’t quite so many hats, what with the warmer weather, but there were still a bunch! (It was so hard to get a picture of the whole crowd- Downtown LA was so full of people, we spread out across blocks and blocks!)wp_20170121_12_30_06_proI brought a bunch of hats from Seattle (knitting two while we traveled on Friday).  I gave away one to my husband and one to our friend, Will.  (Jenny made her own, because she’s a badass knitter, too!).  And, I gave away five to people I met on the street!img_3413I even brought my yarn to the march with me (because I am a goody-two-shoes who likes to follow rules, so I get a lot of nervous energy at things like this).wp_20170121_11_26_41_pro(I actually finished this hat on the train back from the march, and gave away the one I was wearing as we left downtown!)

It was an amazing day, and I’ve really been enjoying all the coverage of the marches around the world- it makes me feel like maybe, just maybe, we’re going to be OK.

And, to keep the spirit of the Women’s March alive, I’ve been putting on my Pussyhat every morning and calling my Congresswomen (and trying to call the Whitehouse- though their phone system seems to be down most of the time).  I’m not great at talking to strangers, and talking on the phone gives me anxiety, but I’m doing it anyway.  If you want to join me- you can find your Congresspeople here.  (Or, email me your address, and I’ll find their numbers for you!) Call them!  Let you know what you’re thinking!  Wear your pink hats with pride!

Christmas Knitting: Ladies

Holy crap, Christmas is coming soon!  (Even if you don’t do the whole Christmas thing, there’s always an excuse to do some gift knitting.) So, what to make?   This week, I’m trolling Ravelry for ideas for gift knitting projects.  Follow along if you’re looking for something, too.

Let’s start with knitting for the ladies in your life.  Mothers, friends, sisters, aunts, daughters, mothers-in-law, coworkers, the lady down the street that waters your plants when you go out of town.  I bet they’d all appreciate any one of these quick (and girly) projects:

Baktus Scarf, by Strikkelise


Toast, by leslie friend


Meret, by Wooly Wormhead