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New Pattern: Checkerboard Dishcloth

Happy Friday, everybody!

Hope you’ve got a nice weekend planned with plenty of time for some fun and easy knitting!

Might I offer up a pattern for you to try?

How about my brand-new Checkerboard Dishcloth?

It’s a super simple dishcloth knit in a single color featuring subtle texture, courtesy of knits and purls.

It’s simple, timeless, and easy!

Oh, and did I mention, it’s free?

Get the pattern here!

New Pattern: Mixed Berry Dishcloth

Just a quick little post today, but it’s an exciting one.  That is, if you get excited about new free patterns! (I know, right?!  So many new patterns lately!)

Here’s a fun new pattern for a cute little berry-colored dishcloth!  Introducing: the Mixed Berry Dishcloth!It’s a simple two-color stripe pattern, with some slipped-stitch detailing to make it a little more interesting.


Pattern: Rippling Diamonds!

Guys! I’ve got another free pattern!

It’s a fantastic (if I say so myself) dishcloth.

The Rippling Diamonds Dishcloth is crazy simple- it’s literally only knits and purls.  No slipped stitches, no yarn overs, no shaping of any kind.  Its carefully charted pattern of knit and purl bumps make an interestingly-textured washcloth that’s fun (and easy!) to work up.  (And, bonus!  The pattern is totally reversible, so it looks just as cool from both sides!)55883220Head over to Knit Picks’ website and download a free copy of the pattern.  I’m really proud of it!

A New Year, A New Pattern!

Happy New Year!  Yay!  *Noisemaker sound* *Glasses clink*

What’s that?  After all that holiday knitting (and maybe one too many glasses of champagne last night), don’t you want something fun, quick and easy?  Don’t you want a brand-new pattern, hot off the presses?  Don’t you want something impressive-looking, yet dead simple?

Well, I’ve got the washcloth for you!

It’s the Snowbank Spa Cloth!  (It’s a “Spa Cloth” because it’s fancy.  It’s knit in silky smooth Comfy Sport, but you could make it in whatever cotton yarn you’ve got laying around.  Because who has time to go to the yarn store today?  I’ve got leftover cookies to eat and new books to read.)

55831220[1]It’s all knit in a single piece (so only two ends to weave in!).  It’s a lovely square of slipped stitches and rows of purls, that, if you look at them the right way, look a little like snowflakes (hence the name).  The whole thing is enclosed in a thin border of garter stitch that’s knit as you go for a super-easy, yet classy-looking washcloth.

And the best part?  It’s free!  And available on the Knit Picks website!

Pattern: Maritime Facecloth

The patterns just keep coming!  And this one is free!

As part of Knit Picks’ “52 Weeks of Dishcloths” series, I’ve designed a brand-spanking new washcloth, and it’s available for free from the KP website.

55807_medium[1]The Maritime Facecloth is a generously-sized square of squishy garter stitch bordered by an unbroken cable. Knit in silky Knit Picks Comfy Sport, this washcloth is perfect for even the most delicate skin, and makes a fabulous gift. The Maritime Facecloth is knit on the bias, with two cables worked as you go. To finish, a few stitches of Kitchener stitch join the cables into a beautiful unbroken border.

Not in the mood for a fancy-pants spa washcloth?  Use regular old Peaches ‘n’ Cream (I know you’ve got a ball or two hiding in your stash.  Everyone does) and make a very cool dishrag.  Or, if you want to try something a bit bigger, I think this pattern would make a really nice baby blanket (or an afghan, if you’re really persistent!).  Just follow the pattern, repeating the increase rows until your knitting is big enough!

You can get the Maritime Facecloth pattern here!