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Technical Difficulties

Bad news folks.  I spilled a soda on my laptop last night.  (I know, dumb.)

The computer’s mostly working again, thanks to my amazing husband, but the keys are crazy sticky (the mechanism underneath, not the part that my fingers touch).   It’s taken me a ridiculous amount of time just to type this.  So, no knitting today, just careful cleaning out laptop keys with q-tips and water.  Ugh.

So, as a consolation, here’s a picture of my dog from when he was little.  So cute!K%20&%20E%20Puppies%20&%20Cali-21-XL

Please Stand By…


So, I don’t know what I did to my camera, but it’s doing something weird, and I’m having trouble getting photos off of it.  I’m also completely exhausted from this weekend (in a good way), so it’s possible that my camera is fine, and it’s me who’s having the issues.

Anyway, please bear with me while I get it figured out.  And we should be back to our regular scheduled program by Wednesday!